Jim Carrey's goal is to be a 'con artist' of President Trump

Jim Carrey has targeted President Donald Trump as a "con artist".

Jim Kerry's goal is to be a 'con artist' of President Trump

The 58-year-old actor has long been a staunch critic of the 74-year-old president of the United States, and has now publicly reprimanded Trump as the country prepares to vote in the next election this November.

In an article published in the Atlantic, he wrote: "Donald Trump's presidency has ruined a sedentary American life. How did a bourgeois art in New York convince so many people that he was on their side? Was the hat?

"I was happy to see Trump play a self-made billionaire in 'Home Alone 2,' but presidency is not the art of performance. People's lives depend on him. Our future is at stake."

Instead, the comedian called on fellow Liberals to vote against Trump and the Democratic candidate who backed Biden with his vote, writing: "We have to vote in historic numbers in November, when "There will be no blizzard on Capitol Hill. No corrupt politician can survive."

In addition, the 'Bruce Allah' star compared the president to Michael Corleone, the legendary head of organized crime in the film 'The Godfather'.

Last week, Trump accepted the GOP's nomination from the White House's South Lawn, an unconventional move that broke with tradition because past presidents have not hosted political events on the building's premises.

Mentioning a scene in which Corleone, played by actor El Pacino, orders the killing of several enemies of the family during his nephew's baptism.

He added: "Given that Trump accepts the Republican nomination in the House of Commons during the epidemic, as it intensified, Michael Corleone was tantamount to watching the swearing-in when his underwear. Had settled the score throughout the city.

"In the audience on the White House's South Lawn, he may have thought that losing his life was his own, but after his big night, he is now risking influencing other Americans."


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