Kenny West: The music industry is a 'broken system'

Kenny West says the music industry is "a broken system that needs to be fixed" while giving the latest hints about buying its own masters.

Kenny West: The music industry is a 'broken system'

The 43-year-old rapper recently took to twitter to urge Universal Music after accusing him of buying and keeping his master recordings, and now he has said he wants to convince all artists. Committed to "whatever is necessary". Going forward, they will own their own recordings.

He said: "The desired effect will be achieved only when each artist owns his own master. I am a team 'free artist'. I'm committed to doing everything possible so the artist owns the copyright. The response is great because everyone knows it's a broken system that needs to be’ fixed. Currently, the artist is leading the way in creating records. And yet when they return these advances, the record company still owns the records.

"Imagine a bank lending you money to buy a house and then when you repay the mortgage, they tell you that they still own it. [Prominent music lawyer] Joel Katz "I've hired a group of advisors to get the information I need from all the artists to succeed, Is.”

In his own quest to buy his masters from Bunny Machine Records, he also explained his plan to help - with whom he has been at loggerheads for many years - when he tweeted that he The label boss will contact Scooter Brown.

Speaking to Billboard Magazine, he added: "All artists need to be free and have their rights. Taylor Swift deserves it, just like everyone else. As I said before, scooters Brown is a friend and we'll talk about that. "

In his initial Twitter Rent, the hit maker of 'Bound 2' insisted on his children - North, Seven, St., Four, Chicago, Two, and Psalm, 16 months, with whom he is with Kim Kardashian West. - They will be the legal owner of their property. Recording.

He said: "My children will meet my masters ... you will not have children ... my children ... my children ... my children ... my children

"Everyone at Universal and Vivendi requested me under this that I would do everything in my legal power and want to continue changing all sound contracts as well as changing my masters for my residence. I am.) "


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