New News: Lionel Messi will stay in Barcelona

Lionel Messi has announced that he will remain in Barcelona because the necessary financial expulsion was "impossible" to make his desired exit a reality.

New News: Lionel Messi will stay in Barcelona

The Argentine superstar sent shockwaves through Camp Nou last week when he announced that he wanted to leave Barce after a humiliating 8-2 defeat to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Messi was confident he could leave on a free transfer after activating a clause that would end his contract at the end of the season, with Manchester City quickly becoming the favorite for his signature.

La Liga rejected the claim, insisting that any potential sweater would have to negotiate with Barce or pay a 700 million-release clause in Messi's contract, with the option that they leave anything on June 10 without expiration.

Messi father and agent George met with Barce President Josep Maria Bartomeu on Wednesday to discuss the future of the Ballon d'Or winner six times, before he said his son's It will be difficult to live.

However, after the meeting, it was reported’ that Macy's transfer would likely be the subject of a civil court case, while the city was also told that if the transfer fee - although significantly higher than the release clause - If I'm involved - no one was involved.

As a result, Messi confirmed on Friday that he would not move because the free transfer option was no longer on the table.

He told Goal Spain: "I thought and I'm sure I'm free. The president always said that at the end of the season I can decide if I will stay or not.

"Now they are clinging to the fact that I did not say this before June 10, when it turned out that on June 10 we were fighting for La Liga in the middle of this terrible coronavirus, and that the disease the weather had changed.

"That's why I want to continue with the club.

"I'm going to continue that now because the president told me that the only way out is to pay the € 700 million clause, and that's impossible."


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