Obama says Trump is "working to stop people from voting"

Former President Barack Obama is urging people to vote early, warning that the Trump administration is working to prevent people from voting in a new ad for "Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden." The video was released’ Tuesday before the presidential debate between Biden and President Trump.

Obama says Trump is "working to stop people from voting"

In a clip shared on celebrity news social media accounts and the website "The Shadow Room", Mr. Obama called on people to vote early. He accused Mr. Trump - without naming him - of his administration, and others of trying to stifle the vote, but especially for people of color.

"Right now, people below the White House are working to prevent people, especially people of color, from voting," he said.

Mr. Obama said "our democracy" was at stake in the 2020 election.

Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris, was included in a new campaign ad with a similar message. He urged voters to cast their ballots as soon as possible - whether in person or by mail. Her video was released’ on another young celebrity news site, The Young, Black and Fabulous.

The ad comes a day after US Channel 4 reported that 3.5 million black Americans in 16 major states on the battlefield had been classified and classified as "stagnant," meaning voter’ opinion. Trump's campaign wants to stay home in 2016.

Over the past several months, Mr. Trump has repeatedly criticized mail-voting - insisting that it causes voter fraud without presenting any evidence, and even asking for mail-ballot. It stepped up its attacks during the Coronavirus epidemic, as more people are expected’ to vote in the polls to avoid possible election exposure. Mr. Trump has also targeted ballot dropboxes, suggesting that ballots could be tampered with’ after voters submit.


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