Pakistan flagship EU to review turn-off strategy not to appeal against flight ban

The three officials said that the flag bearer of the Islamic country, the flag carrier of the Islamic country, would not appeal against the six-month ban, thwarting the already epidemic change plans of the ailing airline.

Pakistan flagship EU to review turn-off strategy not to appeal against flight ban

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) said in a statement that it had flown to block the PIA in June due to safety concerns, just days after the country-subdued dozens of its pilots over alleged dubious qualifications. Was, banned.

"We have decided that appealing at this stage will be fruitful."

The deadline to appeal is August 31.

Two civil aviation officials told Reuters that all parties agreed that the appeal would be a futile exercise until the regulatory framework is reformed and a full investigation into the pilot scandal is completed.

Civil aviation officials declined to be, named. The government and the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority did not respond to requests for comment.

Failure to appeal means the ban will remain in place until the end of 2020. One year in which PIA will implement a new business plan to make the company profitable by 2023. Amsterdam

With a loss of over 4 billion, PIA was already struggling financially when flights were grounded’ in March due to an epidemic. Just as it resumed operations in May, a PIA domestic flight in Karachi crashed, killing 97 of the 99 people on board.

Preliminary investigations identified a number of safety failures, and authorities revealed that nearly one-third of PIA pilots had declared their qualifications invalid, leading to the EASA, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) A) and other regulators are signaling a ban on PIA flights.

The PIA had already suspended commercial flights to the United States before the ban, but was flying charter flights and intended to resume operations there soon.

The European embargo damaged its revenues from overseas sectors such as London, Manchester and Birmingham, which were to be the cornerstone of the PIA's transformation strategy.

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The PIA administration's business plan last year saw the UK's routes and new European destinations as its key strategy, adding at least seven new aircraft to its fleet by 2022. Was also included.

"2020 will be a break-even year, followed by a return to profits in 2023," according to a Reuters review. It has not been, generalized.

Khan said the expansion plans are still pending and the airline intends to review its revised strategy in consultation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The IATA, which is due to launch PIA's operational safety audit this week, said the audit process was standard after registered airlines were involved in plane crashes.

In an email to Reuters, Albert Tjoeng, IATA's assistant director of corporate communications for Asia Pacific, said IATA could not confirm or discuss the body's consulting plans, citing trade secrets. Is.

"This is a routine audit as a result of which every airline gets an operational clearance certificate. Khan of PIA said that PIA teams are ready for the audit.

As stated in its key strategy, PIA's plan to dismantle non-core businesses such as food catering and ground handling remains on track and to hire an international consultant for legacy loan advice. Has also been decided.

The business plan states that PIA's share of international flights to Pakistan fell to 27% in 2019 from 42% a few years ago.

In addition to operational matters, the report cited competition from Middle Eastern airlines as the main reason for the decline in market share, and suggested that Pakistan open its doors to allow PIAs to be more competitive. Review the strategy of the heavens.

However, the recent ban threatens to further jeopardize PIA's market share, such as the announcement of direct flights to Pakistan to ban PIAs such as the Virgin Atlantic. A spokesman said a new estimate for PIA's market share was being calculated’ adding that the airline's management believed that global traffic was slowing down due to epidemics. Reduction on an annual basis "will not be as brutal as predicted".


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