President Trump Says $5 Billion Will Go from Tik Tok, Oracle, Walmart to Education

President Donald Trump has signed a trade agreement between Tik Tok, Walmart, and Oracle that will allow the social networking app to continue operating in the United States.

President Trump Says $5 Billion Will Go from Tik Tok, Oracle, Walmart to Education

The president said one of Trump's conditions for approving the deal was a 5,000 billion pledge from companies that teach children the "true history" of the United States.

Trump first mentioned the education fund on Saturday as he walked out of the White House for an election rally in North Carolina. "We're going to set up a huge fund for the education of American youth," Trump told reporters when he announced his "conceptual" signing of the Tik Tok project.

"It would be great. That's the partnership I'm asking for," Trump added.

During an election speech later this evening, Trump went into more detail about how the proposed education commitment came about.

He told the audience in Fayetteville, North Carolina, that when he spoke to the heads of the companies, they said, "Do me a favor. Can you raise 5 5 billion for education?" So that we can make people aware of real education. History of our country. Real history, not fake history.

The president said Trump's approved, US-based version of Tik Tok would employ 25,000 people and possibly be headquartered’ in Texas.

Trump's announcement comes days after he criticized New York Times Magazine's 1619 Project curriculum, which denies this way of teaching American history and slavery in schools.

In a speech to the National Archives in Washington on Thursday, Trump said, "The left has warped, distorted and defiled the American story with deception, lies, and lies. Better than the completely infamous New York Times 1616 project." There is no precedent. ".

He claimed that the plan was to "write American history to teach our children that we are based on the principle of coercion, not freedom."

Trump also said he would form a national "1776 commission" to "promote patriotic education."


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