Rock, his family tested positive for the coronavirus

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shared some unfortunate news on the front porch of his home: He and his family tested positive for the coronavirus.

Rock, his family tested positive for the coronavirus

Johnson announced his diagnosis in an 11-plus-minute video on Instagram on Wednesday. Is one of the things we have had to endure. "

The actor said that he was infected’ with the virus along with his wife, Lauren Hashian and two young daughters, but now he has recovered. He said his daughters "bounced back" after a few days of sore throats.

But for Johnson and his wife, he said, they both had "considerable travel."

Johnson said he and his family caught the virus from close family friends, who told him they did not know where they got the virus from.

Johnson said the ordeal has made him more conscious. It offers a number of tips for dealing with viruses, such as wearing a mask, boosting your immune system and committing to health.


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