Russia promotes distrust in US vote plans

Russia is trying to undermine voter confidence in the US electoral system, especially in postal voting, ahead of the November election, according to an analysis by the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday.

Russia promotes distrust in US vote plans

An internal DHS analysis, first reported by ABC News and then by other US media outlets, says that at least since March 2020, "the Russian-influenced activist voting new Processes and votes in programs promote allegations of electoral integrity.”

It said that through the media and social networks, the Russians have encouraged Americans to fear voting fraud, major counting errors and mis-selling of ballots through the postal service.

This is the argument that President Donald Trump made while hammering in the election trail.

Russian media and proxy websites are also promoting the idea that mail-based voting - in private, is being pressured to limit the risk of spreading Code 19 through voting - personnel and policy Makers are being pressured to benefit specific candidates.

Online intervention activity began earlier this year during the party's cookies and primaries, but it increased when the corona virus began to spread and officials began promoting mass voting by mail.

The undisclosed report states: "We anticipate that Russia will continue to change the postal and voting process by voting to undermine public confidence in the electoral process in the midst of the Cove-19 epidemic." Will keep

As in 2016, Russian politics promotes emotions already present in American politics.

Trump and many Republicans claim that there is a risk of mass fraud and vote counting by mail.

Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement: "Russia is echoing destructive and misleading statements around the postal vote that President Trump and his officials, including the Attorney General Bar, are encouraging. ۔ "

In addition, Democratic senators on Thursday called on the US Treasury to impose "immediate" sanctions on Russian organizations and individuals for interfering in the election, according to intelligence reports that Moscow's Trump rival Joe Biden's candidate Wants to harm

"It is too late for the administration to send a direct message to President (Vladimir) Putin: the United States will respond swiftly and forcefully to continue electoral interference," the letter to Mnuchin said.

"In practice, no national security threat is more serious than that posed by those who undermine confidence in our democratic elections and undermine their effective operation," he wrote.

A statement from the National Counter-War and Security Center on August 7 stated that "Russia is working hard against Biden's candidacy, supporting Trump as it did in 2016."

"Russia is primarily using it to denounce former Vice President Biden and to view various measures as anti-Russian," the statement said.

Since then, however, Director of National Intelligence John Rot cliff has refused to give Congress a further briefing on electoral interference, saying he would only send written summaries.


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