The American carrier crossed the Strait of Hormuz during tensions with Iran

The U.S. Navy says the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier sailed safely through the Strait of Hormuz on Friday, the world's most important oil supply hub.

The American carrier crossed the Strait of Hormuz during tensions with Iran

According to the 5th Fleet of the US Navy based in Bahrain, in the "scheduled" exercise, US ships, carriers and several other warships were sent’ through the narrow mouth of the Persian Gulf. Dynamic services include 5,000 sailors and marines in America's oldest carrier.

For decades, US aircraft carriers have sailed the international oil supply route, continuing US-defined "defense" operations aimed at keeping the strait open.

The show of strength comes after months of escalating incidents on the main highway, which was hit’ by a US drone strike earlier this year that killed an Iranian general in Baghdad. Tehran has responded to a ballistic missile attack that wounded dozens of US troops in Iraq.

The arrival of the Nimes in the Middle East saw Iran carry out direct fire drills to target makeup aircraft carriers, threatening a military confrontation between the two countries.

Rear Adam. Its commander, Jim Kirk, said the Nimitz strike group was "at the height of its preparations."

Nimes, originally from Bremerton, Washington, has been patrolling the Arabian Sea since late July. He replaced the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, who spent several months in the Navy, breaking a previous naval maritime record. Navy officials have banned port calls due to the corona virus outbreak.


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