"The FAU-G was planned to be released by the end of October. PUBG ban 'accidental'

Indian game developer Core Games, a joint venture of Vishal Gondal who is also the CEO of GOQII, has announced an "action" game called FAU-G or Fearless and United: Defenders. The game is used’ as an Indian alternative to PUBG Mobile, which was banned in India earlier this week. Gondal, however, says FAU-G will not compete with PUBG.

"The FAU-G was planned to be released by the end of October. PUBG ban 'accidental'

"FAU-G was always in the pipeline and we were preparing for the October release," Gondal told IndianExpress.com. "The ban on PUBG Mobile was accidental." The FAU-G has been active since June 2020.

Gondal, along with two other N Core Games co-founders, Dayanadhi MG and Ganesh Hegde are working on three games for an early release. One is a shooting game, called FAU-G, the other is a cricket game and the third is a music game.

FAU-G Game: PUBG Mobile's Indian rival announced, soon released
Gondal confirmed that FAU-G would be released’ in late October without disclosing the exact date. The music game will be released’ later this month while the cricket game will be released soon after the start of the IPL.

"There is a belief that Indian game developers cannot produce good quality games. At N Core, we want to disprove this mentality and bring out sports that compete in international sports," Gondal said. "Our team of developers is highly educated and capable of developing games like PUBG or any other indoor game."

Elaborating on the FAU-G game, Gondal said the first incident would be based’ on the Galan Valley incident. Through FAU-G, the aim is to make players aware of important events in our country, such as the Galloway Conflict and the value of Indian troops. He also said that 20 percent of the net income would be given’ to BharatKeVeer Trust.

Gondal said that FAU-G is the brainchild of actor Akshay Kumar. The game has been developed’ under the auspices of the actor.


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