The girls want to help West Taylor Swift buy back her Masters

The 'Shake It Off' singer has been embroiled in a heated public feud with her former record label boss Scooter Braun over the sale of a Big Machine record to Scooter Brown - which Taylor accused of bullying her - and At the same time the scooter was given its back catalog. The master recording, to which they now have rights, and now Kanye has offered to help them return.

The girls want to help West Taylor Swift buy back her Masters

He wrote on Twitter: "I am going to see personally that this Taylor Swift got the back of her masters.

"Scooter is a close family friend (sic)"

Kenny and Taylor became famous in 2009 when the 'strong' rapper intervened in the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs)’s acceptance speech by the' London Boy 'singer so that BeyoncĂ© should have won the Best Female Video award instead. , But later he reconciled with them. Differences

However, things went awry again when Taylor was asked by Kanye's "Dear" to present the award at the 2015 VMAs, only to tell a very different story on stage.

And then 'Me!' According to the singer, Kenny hurriedly apologized and then called her infamous song about her famous song 'Famous' - in which she rapped "I feel like Mary and Taylor are still having sex. / Why can't I? I made this B **** famous "- and it felt like their friendship was back. However, after the song was released’ and Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian Maghrib, later insisted that Taylor approve the song, the singer decided that he had "worked" with Kanye.

He described his long-standing feud, as "basically, I got really sick from being active between him and me. And it wasn't based on what happened on that phone call." And with that song - it was a reaction to that kind of chain. Things. "


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