The Prime Minister of Pakistan has condemned the cartoons of 'Islamophobic' Charlie Hebdo

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday condemned the recent publication of cartoons of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) by a French satirical weekly, urging the United Nations to call it a rising Islamophobia.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan has condemned the cartoons of 'Islamophobic' Charlie Hebdo

Addressing the UN General Assembly in a prearranged message, Khan said that emerging global nationalism had shed light on "Islamophobia" and that "Muslims are being exempted in many countries." Is."

"Recent events in Europe, including the Republic of Charlie Hebdo's insulting sketches, are recent examples," Khan said.

"We urge that deliberate provocation and incitement to hatred and violence be banned globally.

"This assembly should declare an international day to form an alliance to fight Islamophobia and fight this scourge."

Charlie Hebdo, known for his unabashed the humor of free speech and outspoken faith, has repeatedly provoked outrage in the Islamic world by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Many Muslims consider the physical reflection of their prophet an insult.

On January 7, 2015, Islamist gunmen on Charlie Hebdo’s office in Paris killed twelve people in an attack.

In a deviant gesture, that accompanies the trial of the massacre comrades this month, Charlie Hebdo republished some points.

A man stabbed two people outside the newspaper's former offices in Paris on Friday, before police, arrested him.

Blasphemy is a particularly sensitive issue in Pakistan, with incidents of mobs or surveillance of people accused of insulting Islam.


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