The United States has dropped heavy B-1 Lancer bombers over the East Siberian Sea

The U.S. Air Force dropped three heavy B-1 bombers on Russia's northeastern Siberian Sea in a series of recent maneuvers that the military said Friday was a demonstration of U.S. capabilities and ability to help allies. But a senior Russian commander was described’ as "hostile and provocative."

The United States has dropped heavy B-1 Lancer bombers over the East Siberian Sea

The flight of three U.S. Air Force reserve B-1 Lancer bombers based in Texas on Thursday followed a similar mission a week ago, in which three B-52s temporarily based in Britain were shot down’ near southwestern Russia. It was flown’ over the airspace of Ukraine.

After a flight from Texas to the East Siberian Sea, the Lancers landed at a nearby U.S. airport in Alaska, the U.S. European Command said.

The Stuttgart-based EUCOM said in a statement that the flight, and the deployment of the B-52s to England, showed that US state-owned assets were "intended to achieve the operational purpose on the eastern and western flares of USEUCOM". Can be, used. "

The Stuttgart-based EUCOM said in a statement: "All three Lancers ... demonstrated that US strategic bombers are capable of supporting any mission, anywhere in the world, at a moment's notice."

EUCOM said: "The Strategic Bomber Missions demonstrate the ability of the US Air Force to carry out permanent flying missions and maintain readiness in support of our allies and partners.

The U.S. formally conducts air, naval and ground force tactics in and around Europe, but a senior Russian military official said Friday that the number of U.S. and NATO flights near Russia's borders this year is significant. Has increased.

In August alone, Russian fighter jets stormed the Baltic, Barents and Black’ and Okhotsk seas on 27 occasions to intercept other US and NATO warplanes, Colonel General Sergei Surovikin, head of the Russian Air Force, told reporters on Friday. Was given

He said B-52s flew near the Russian border near Crimea in late August and early September and were accused’ by the Russian Baltic in Kaliningrad of conducting offensive operations.

"Strategic bomber crews practiced firing cruise missiles at facilities in Russia from airspace in the central part of the Black Sea and in the Estonian territory," Surovikin said.

During the September 4 flight, three B-52s flew over the Sea of ​​Azov to reach a distance of about 30 km near Crimea, he said.

"We see the combat training of strategic aircraft near the Russian border as hostile and provocative," Surovikin said.

After Russia's annexation of Ukraine's Crimea in 2014, relations between Russia and the West have sunk since the end of the Cold War. Moscow has banned the deployment of NATO forces in the Baltic in recent years, and Russia and the coalition have regularly negotiated military flight charges.


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