Trump wants Rogan to moderate the presidential debate

Trump wants Rogan to moderate the presidential debate

President Donald Trump has backed Rogan, a stand-up comic and self-proclaimed "cyclical adventure" to host a presidential debate against any other in history.

A popular podcast series, hosted by Rogan Experience, hosted by retired UFC fighter Tim Kennedy.

Kennedy tweeted the idea over the weekend, explaining how Rogan "offered a debate" between former Vice President Joe Biden and the president, saying "there would be four hours without a direct audience."

"Just two candidates, the camera, and the idea of ​​how to move this country forward," he wrote. "Who wants that?"

Mr. Trump tweeted Kennedy's post in response to his question: "I do!"

Mr. Rogan’s most popular podcast has made headlines in the past with high-profile guests such as Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk celebrities who have since smoked in a live broadcast.

The president was cheering on Twitter early Monday morning when he commented on attacks on his Democratic opponent, Vice President Kamala Harish, in what he called a "super liberal week job" in a social media post.

Mr. Trump has stepped up his attacks on Democrats in recent days, claiming that Mr. Biden would not serve a full term if elected in November.

At least three presidential debates are scheduled’ to take place before Election Day, one on September 29 and two in October.

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence and Ms. Harris are scheduled’ to discuss each other on October 7.

However, little is known’ about the details of future discussions. The Covid-19 outbreak has led to unexpected changes, including the site of the first debate, which will take place at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

The University of Notre Dame was originally scheduled’ to host the event, but the corona virus withdrew due to epidemics.


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