Turkey supports Azerbaijan's fight for 'occupied territories': Erdogan's aides

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's top press aide is "fully prepared" to help Azerbaijan recapture its separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh ahead of a UN Security Council debate on Tuesday.

Turkey supports Azerbaijan's fight for 'occupied territories': Erdogan's aides

In these comments, Turkey made demand from Russia, which considers Azerbaijan as its close ally and Armenia as its historical enemy, in order to stop declaring its support for Azerbaijan and for this growing diplomatic solution. Work toward, which is the deadliest move since 2016.

"Turkey is fully committed to Azerbaijan reclaiming its occupied territories and defending its rights and interests under international law," Farhatin Alton tweeted.

He added that Turkey hopes that the UN summit will "lay a strong foundation for a solution".

Alton said that Turkey stands "completely" with Azerbaijan, adding: "There is no doubt that if Azerbaijan faces minor injustices under international law, the world will listen to us." Will take

Armenia alleges that Turkey has hired Azerbaijani troops to repatriate ethnic Armenians to the region, which Ankara has officially denied.

Alton, in turn, accused Armenia of violating the Geneva Conventions in the border region and praised Azerbaijan for "abiding by the international law of the letter."

"We urge the international players to approach this issue from the point of view of justice," he said.

"The world cannot afford to equate the aggressor with the aggressor party in the name of the so-called principle of neutrality or to maintain political balance," Alton said.


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