U.S. officials approve 7 million cases after health officials warn of another increase

When the United States passed 7 million cases in 19 cases on Friday, top public health officials are warning of a severe cold while boosting their confidence in scientists because vaccine development is political.

U.S. officials approve 7 million cases after health officials warn of another increase

As of Friday afternoon, there were 7,005,746 known cases of code 19 in the United States, according to the Johns Hopkins University count.

In this case, the number of tens of thousands of people is increasing daily, this week the number of new cases is increasing daily in 23 states while it has decreased in 11 others. Earlier this week, the United States reached 200,000 deaths accused of coronavirus.

There are more than 32 million known cases worldwide, and about 985,000 deaths.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report this week stating that in the summer, 20-year-olds were the real drivers of the American virus, accounting for about 20 percent of positive cases. represent.

Health officials have warned that cases could escalate in the fall and winter.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's leading infectious disease specialist, said the United States is still technically in the first wave of cases because the number of cases never decreases to the level that the wave ends, and epidemics Does not suffer. Option.

Foucault is trying to allay concerns that the White House's refusal to be realistic about the vaccine's release timeline means that if a vaccine is made available soon, it will be available immediately. Will be taken and it will probably not be safe.

Public health experts, including Foucault, say we will probably find out if any of the vaccines in the final stages of clinical trials are safe and effective by November or December. It is unlikely to happen before election day on November 3 and will not be widely available until at least 2021.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump said that if the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued stricter standards for a vaccine, he said the White House could "approve the release of such standards." Or not "can also accept. . .

"I will support the scientists. I have to do this as a scientist, and I will express it," Fauci replied. "I am very much on the experience of decades of FDA scientists. Depending on who says, we should do it. So, I don't have to rely on them too much and support them.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn made similar promises at a congressional hearing this week to stay connected to science. "I fight for science. I will fight for the integrity of the agency, and I will put the interests of the American people first, "he told lawmakers Wednesday.

While top health officials are promising to stay connected to scientists, the White House is largely on the defensive. Controversial Scott Atlas, an adviser to Trump's new Corona virus, said in a press briefing Wednesday that "people should not be punished for doing anything faster than that."

Later, when asked if he could confirm that there was no clear timeline for when the vaccine would be released’ Atlas said he was simply repeating what he thought of the vaccine's development. Listening to responsible people.

"It's very likely that we will have a vaccine before the end of the year," he said, although he said a few moments later that "really no one can say for sure. When he comes, it's just impossible. "

Deborah Bricks, who was once part of a White House corona virus press briefing as part of a task force, but has rarely been heard from’ in public, reportedly contracted the White House Corona virus. His role in the task force has begun to be’ questioned.

Sources told CNN that the BRICS see the Atlas as an unhealthy effect on Trump. One president described Brix's view of the atlas. "There is no doubt that she feels her role has diminished."

When asked to comment on the report during a press conference in Alabama yesterday, Brix did not dispute it altogether. Instead, he joked, "Do I look like a person who has lost weight? I'll tell you, this is the first time those adjectives have been used to describe my behavior."


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