Xbox Series X price and release date confirmed at the end - here's when you can pre-order

And it's not as expensive as it used to be

Xbox Series X price and release date confirmed at the end - here's when you can pre-order

Update: Want to know how to prepare yourself to pre-order Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? Scroll down to find pre-order notification sign up details for multiple retailers.

Microsoft has finally revealed the price of the Xbox Series X, the release date and when the pre-order will continue - and analysts' predictions are stuck on that amount.

The Xbox Series X will release on November 10 at $ 499 / £ 449 / AU $ 749, with pre-orders opening on September 22 for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Those who want to buy the Series X through Microsoft's Xbox All X program can do so for 24 months at over 34.99 / £ 28.99 / AU $ 46 - at no cost.

While the Xbox Series S already confirmed to be $ 299 / £ 249.99 / AU $ 499, will be available monthly at 24.99 / £ 20.99 / AU $ 33 on the Xbox All Access payment plan.

The Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, revealed the long-awaited information on the official Xbox Series X website, just a day after the Xbox Series S price and release date were announced’ - on November 10. Is.

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We already expected the Xbox Series X to launch in the first or second week of November, priced at $ 499 in the US, so Microsoft's revelation is a big shock.

Considering how high-powered the new Xbox is - with the same specs as a gaming PC - the price tag of 4 9499 is quite reasonable. And, with Xbox All Access giving players the opportunity to pay for the new console in installments, the next-gen console should be a little more accessible for those who don't have the money.

However, now that Sony and Microsoft's game of more value than chicken is finally over, the ball is now in Sony's court to reveal the price of the PS5 - possibly in the coming weeks. We're not expecting it to come in less than the Series X, and it's definitely not cheaper than the Series S, but if we look at Sony's console it's predicted to be $ 499 (Xbox series) (Like X) then this is also a playground to some extent.

How to sign up for Xbox Series X pre-order information

Now that we know when the first orders for the Xbox Series X will open, you'll want to get your name on the new Xbox hat - or it's a cheaper alternative.

Xbox Series X in the United States

If you're shopping in the United States, we recommend going to Best Buy, Amazon, or GameStop to pre-order your Xbox Series X. Best and Amazon will have stock ready and waiting, while GameStop will offer some discounts as well as your new console as a more focused retailer.

Walmart, on the other hand, benefits from a strong volume of book orders and less general shoppers going to more general stores.

Below you will find a link to each retailer's Xbox Series X pre-order notification page, so sign up with your favorite store to learn how to pre-order on September 22nd.


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