5 key paths from the final presidential debate

During the final debate, Trump called Biden a failed politician

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5 key paths from the final presidential debate

Following President Donald Trump's diagnosis of the coronavirus and his subsequent hospitalization and cancellation of the second presidential debate, he and the Democratic nominee Joe Biden had their last chance to make a direct confrontation with each other before election day. But returned to the stage on Thursday night.


Relatively civilized, the pair covered a wide range of topics, including epidemics, healthcare, electoral protection, immigration, personal financial worries, and climate change, including NBC News. Moderator Kirsten Welker directed.


The concluding arguments arrived, however, on the day that the number of early votes cast this year eclipsed the number of early votes cast in 2016 - there are still 12 days left until election day. More than 48.5 million Americans have already voted, leaving a strong group of people convinced to win Trump and Biden.


Although there was some doubt as to whether this would happen at a time when Trump's repeated attempts to have a virtual second debate before the final cancellation of the presidential debate were repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the impartial commission - and later During part of Thursday's debate over the candidates' decision to mute their microphones - the debate proceeded without delay and for the first time largely without the obstacles that affected it.


Here are five key points in the final presidential debate:

Microphone silencing and moderation are effective

Microphone silencing and moderation are effective

As it turns out when only one person's voice can be heard’ at a time, only one person at a time speaks - and the nation has a much better chance of hearing if one person speaks.


Mike, who was silent for two minutes at a time while each candidate gave his initial answer to the debate questions, had a much more heated debate that was easier to follow than ever before, with Trump intervening nearly 70 times. And Biden were permanently thrown off the rails


Initially, the president ruled on his dissent. COVID-19 during a debate on reopening schools during epidemics - which Trump often insists on, regardless of trial count. The president asked Welker if he could answer Biden.


"Please. Then I have a follow-up," Welker said. "Thank you. And I appreciate that," Trump said.


"And anyway, I have a lot of respect for the way you're handling it so far, I had to say," he said about 40 minutes later.


Eventually, however, the president's behavior changed, and he stepped back to stop both Biden and Nazim.


This did not mean that the debates were not divided’ into overtaking, obstacles, bizarre questions, and collisions under the belt over their health care, children separated at the border and at the minimum wage, but Welker did not. Put both men on track and continue a series.


Biden Offers Future CoronaVirus Plan, Trump Reiterates His Past

The two candidates began the debate by pointing out the biggest and most significant contradiction between their views on the country's most pressing crisis: the coronavirus. Surprisingly, this was a big part of the last debate and is the basis of the 2020 campaign, which has become a referendum to deal with Trump's virus.


Biden Offers Future CoronaVirus Plan, Trump Reiterates His Past

Trump said life would have to go on despite the virus, for example, he used his coronavirus diagnosis and promised a vaccine on the timeline before experts offered it.


"I say we're learning to live with it. We have no choice. We can't lock ourselves in the basement like a couple," Trump said.


"Life cannot go on unless we can stop the virus, and let the viewers forget who is in charge, while 220,000 people have died from the virus," Biden said.


"No. 1, he says we, you know, we're learning to live with it," Biden said of Trump and the Coronavirus. "People are learning to die with it."


Trump's argument permanently paints a picture of an America that has done its best against the virus and has to keep the economy afloat despite rising deaths and 70,000 cases a day.


"I'm sorry, I take it, I take full responsibility. It's not my fault that it came here. It's China's fault. And you know what. It's not Joe's fault that he came here. It's China's fault, "Trump insisted.


The president outlined measures to be taken’ against the coronavirus, such as a partial cessation of travel from China in January and the availability of PPEs and ventilators nationwide.


Biden criticized Trump for allowing Americans to become the world's toughest nation and outlined his plan: a national mask mandate, more rigorous tests, and for small businesses and schools to adhere to public health guidelines. Federal standards for reopening and funding.


"You guys, who have an empty chair at the kitchen table this morning, went to bed with the man and his wife asleep and trying to break the habit of their wife or husband. Are you learning to live with him?" Biden said. We are dying with it.


Allegations of financial turmoil, corruption threaten shady affairs


Allegations of financial turmoil, corruption threaten shady affairs

Following the outbreak of the epidemic, Welker sought to move candidates toward national security. However, at the first mention of foreign opponents - in a question about Iranian and Russian interference in the elections - each took the opportunity to make allegations of corruption.


Trump shared misleading claims that the Biden family received improper payments from Russian colleagues and cited uncertain allegations that the former vice president's son, Hunter Biden, sought to take advantage of his father's access.


"I think you have an explanation for the American people," Trump said.


Biden highlighted reports that Trump paid little or no federal income tax during the years leading up to his presidency and at the beginning of his presidency. Biden then said he had issued his tax returns because he did not show any illegality, and questioned why the president still did not issue them.


"Look at them: 22 years of my tax returns," Biden said. "You haven't released your tax return one year alone." What are you hiding Why don't you agree? "


But when the confusion and controversy over ethics lasted more than 10 minutes, the audience on social media noticed that time was running out to discuss issues that had a greater impact on the average American. This expansion of the exchange preceded discussions on healthcare, climate change, and immigration - something viewers noted made it possible for casual political observers to find as much material as possible. Was evil.


Although the role of the candidate will always be registered as a consideration for the electorate, in the midst of an epidemic, cases of COVID-19 are on the rise again and a volatile economy is threatening the employment of millions of Americans. Yes, we will continue to focus on the undivided claims against Biden. Information based on some issues that they need’ to make an educated choice.


Biden has redirected Trump's claims to fit a more progressive rival


Trump has claimed that Biden wants to ban fracking and supports Medicare for all.

Biden, who made it clear that he does not oppose breaking (to disappoint progressive voters), and who supports improving Obama Care in restoring the system (more left-wing Democrats) Disappointment, too, told Trump he was confused.


"He's a very confused guy. He thinks he's running against someone else. He's running against Biden. I hit them all because he's running against someone else," Biden was quoted’ as saying by Sen. Elizabeth Warren. I don't agree with them. Joe Biden is running against it. ", San Bernie Sanders, and many other progressive Democrats who participate in primaries on platforms, including Green New Deal and government-run healthcare, that will ultimately eliminate private discretion.


Biden's the distinction continues, a calculation that the Progressive Democrats are investing so much in removing Trump from power that they will decide to vote for a moderate Democrats and still decide to vote. , While immovable voters can be persuaded more from the Middle East in every way


As a final debate question, Biden was asked’ what he would say in his inaugural address if he won the presidency. In response, Biden expressed his loyalty to all Americans, including those who do not vote for him.


"I would say I'm an American president," Biden said. "I represent you all, whether you voted for me or against me, and I make sure you are represented. I am going to give you hope."


Candidates offer the exact opposite of health care

After threatening to overturn the Affordable Care Act, which came on a High Court document in a high court case, and Judge Amy Connie Barrett - who could cast a decisive vote in the case - moving toward confirmation, The future of the nation's health care system will be bleak in the future. Regardless of who wins the election, be at the top of the agenda.


So when the debate shifted to health care - the issue of 2018 voters being the most important - both Trump and Biden were likely to get caught when Americans assessed the winner's promise.


Trump called for his administration's efforts to bring back the ACA's individual insurance mandate and called the process "absolutely no good", despite its popularity among people with pre-existing conditions. Promises protection of coverage guarantees. He then accused Biden of seeking to abolish private insurance. Trying to link it to other Democrats' global, single-pay proposals.


Instead, Biden noted that his plan maintains private insurance and forms the ACA, offering public health care options.


"It's going to be Biden Care," the former vice president said. "No one with a private plan can lose insurance under my plan."


Trump spent most of his 2016 campaign saying he would "cancel and change" Obama Care. But so far - and possibly until the Supreme Court has ruled - the repeal has slowed and potential alternatives in the Senate have failed.


The president has also spent most of his time in the White House promising a new health care plan but has yet to provide concrete details, leading voters to accept or extend Trump's predecessor's signature. Will have to choose to give or agree to follow. Down the unknown path.


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