A 'civil war' has erupted over a plot to assassinate the US governor

Thirteen people, including 13 members of the right-wing militia, have been arrested’ on charges of kidnapping the Democratic governor of the U.S. state of Michigan and plotting to "provoke a civil war," officials said Thursday.

A 'civil war' has erupted over a plot to assassinate the US governor

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer thanked law enforcement agencies for foiling the kidnapping plot and reprimanded President Donald Trump for failing to condemn hate groups.


Announcing the arrests, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel described the plot to abduct the 49-year-old Whitmer as a "serious and credible threat."


Andrew Badge, a U.S. attorney for the Western District of Michigan, said six people have been charged’ with conspiracy to kidnap Whitmer from his vacation home.


Bridges said he has monitored his residence and even tested an improvised explosive device he intended to use to keep law-enforcement away from his home.


According to the Justice Department, the FBI agents and Michigan police arrested him on Wednesday after they were found’ "providing funds for explosives and exchanging tactical gear."


Whitmer has been repeatedly attacked’ by Trump this year for his severe coronavirus lockdown, and right-wing armed groups have protested in the state capital, Lansing, against orders for his residence.


" LIBERATE MICHIGAN!" Trump tweeted in April.


"When I was sworn in 22 months ago, I knew it would be a difficult task," said Whitmer, a Democrat who was shortlisted for Biden's vice-presidential nomination.


"I'll be honest, I never thought of that before," he said.


"None of us have faced a code-like challenge," Whitmer added. "We are not enemies of each other. This virus is our enemy. "


As far as Trump is concerned, Whitmer pointed to his refusal in a recent debate with Biden, which condemned him as one of the white supremacists and two hate groups that allegedly targeted him.


"Stand back and stand with them," he said.


"Hateful groups heard the president's words not as a rebuke but as a cry, calling for action," he added. "When our leaders speak, their words make a difference. They carry weight.


"When our leaders meet with domestic terrorists, encourage them or break away from them, they legitimize their actions, they are involved."


Opposing Trump's November, Biden also tried to make some accusations against the Republican president.


"The words they say matter," Biden said during a campaign program. "Why doesn't the president just say, ‘Stop? Wait and wait.' And if you don't, we'll pursue you. "


- 'Ending Violence' -


Attorney General Nestle said that in addition to the six people arrested for plotting to kidnap Whitmer, seven members of the Wolverine militia group also faced state charges.


Nestle said he suspects they are trying to identify the home addresses of law enforcement officers in order to "provoke a civil war."


He said he also planned to attack the capital, Lansing, and kidnap government officials, including Whitmer.


The seven were charged’ with a number of crimes, including providing material support for terrorist acts, gang membership and firearms violations.


An FBI agent's affidavit details the plot to kidnap Whitmer.


The FBI said it became aware on social media in early 2020 that "a group of individuals is discussing the violent overthrow of the government and some law enforcement elements."


The FBI says an undercover informant attended a meeting of about 14 people in June, where the group "talked about building a society that abides by the American Bill of Rights and where they can be self-sufficient.”


"They discussed various ways to achieve this goal, from peaceful endeavors to violent acts," the affidavit said.


"On one occasion, several members talked about state governments they thought were violating the US Constitution, including Michigan and Governor Gretchen Whitmer," he said.


It said that "several members talked about killing 'tyrants' or 'taking' the sitting governor."


The six men accused of plotting to kidnap Whitmer have been identified as Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Ty Garbin, Caleb Franks, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta.


Craft is a Delaware resident while the other five live in Michigan.


The affidavit states that Fox recorded in June that it needed 200 people to "attack the capital building in Lansing, Michigan and hold the governor hostage."


The affidavit states, "Fox explained that he would try to 'betray' the Governor of Michigan


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