After maternity leave, Katy Perry returned to work

Katy Perry is back at work after maternity leave.

After maternity leave, Katy Perry returned to work


The 'Dark Horse' hitmaker - who along with his partner Orlando Bloom welcomed baby daisies into the world - chose a cow-inspired outfit on his return to 'America's Got Talent'.


Going on Instagram, he shared along with a series of his own in a custom dress hidden from the cow: "Sweet milk is back to work in American idol and it ... udderly ... funny MOO- The ving is already there! ... not in the picture: my pumping breaks ... (call Serrano for the amazing custom dress) (sic)”


Meanwhile, Katie revealed that Orlando is doing a "great job" of taking over the job of DJ while she's at work.


The 35-year-old singer said of her full schedule: "It's a little difficult to stay the first two days and not be there. But Daddy has done a great job.


"Daddy has stepped up. I've seen it with the bottle, I've seen all the pictures. It's all good."


The "never wore white" singer also admitted that going back to work sounds "amazing" and a wonderful "opportunity", and said that her life now feels full while she is a mother.


He added: "I am so grateful for this opportunity and this job, and will continue to encourage other people to follow their dreams. I mean, my life would just feel so full and fulfilling. Is."


And Carnival Row star Orlando said it was a "blessing" that DJ has been such an easy kid so far.


She explains: "She sleeps at night. She always travels with the little boobs that come into the world. She has to regain her baby's weight in the process. She is now back in her baby's weight. And she's sleeping from nine to six o'clock. That's incredible. It's a blessing.


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