Barca's presidential candidate Guardiola wants to return and Messi to stay

Barcelona's presidential candidate Victor Font wants Pep Guardiola to return from Manchester City and has vowed to keep Lionel Messi at the club.


Barca's presidential candidate Guardiola wants to return and Messi to stay

Along with the entire board of directors, Joseph Maria Bartomeu resigned as president at Camp Nou on Tuesday.


Following Bartomeu's decision to step down, it is reported’ that Barcelona's presidential election will be held’ in the second week of January, with Font being among the frontrunners.


48, Font claimed that if he won the vote, he would ensure the return of Guardiola as head coach, the inclusion of other big-name former players and the establishment of Argentina's international Messi.


well come back messi

Guardiola enjoyed the magic of Barcelona's in-charge trophy between 2008 and 2012, winning La Liga three times and the Champions League twice.


Messi, meanwhile, had expressed a desire to leave Barca in August to overturn his decision to avoid a legal dispute, but his contract is set to expire at the end of the 2020-21 season.


Font told Sky Sports: "Our goal is to build a very strong and competitive project and we at Barca are very fortunate to have inherited a style of play that Johan Cruyff introduced into the whole organization.


"And most of the best professionals who know about this style are fans and also love the club, like Pep Guardiola, Xavi, [Anders] Iniesta, and [Carles] Puyol


"They are all legends who like Barcelona but don't work for Barca today - we need to bring them back to make sure we have a very competitive plan.


"All Messi needs to know is that he is part of a competitive project that seeks to win the next Champions League.


"We have no doubt that if we basically get the honor of taking over the Barcelona squad, we will be able to get it."


Barcelona are currently 12th in La Liga after a slow start to the season under new boss Ronald Koeman, who was named only Quick Seton's successor in August.


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