BGT's Simon Cowell revealed an incredible weight loss change

Simon Cowell has been making some major changes to his lifestyle over the past few years, seeing the UK's Got Talent star to lose inspiring people at the age of 20. Her father looked significantly thinner after deciding to cut red meat, milk, sugar, bread, and gluten from her diet.


BGT's Simon Cowell revealed an incredible weight loss change

The star was advised’ to do so by an expert, who also told her to reduce the amount of alcohol. He told Extra: "I went to see the boy who is very famous. And after doing some blood work, he said to me, 'You can't have red meat, milk, sugar, bread or gluten. "


Simon Cowell looked incredibly thin this month


The X-Factor judge acknowledged that reducing his alcohol consumption was a challenge. He revealed that he had asked the doctor for guidance on drinking alcohol, and was’ told: "Maybe not as much as you used to." "I did it and I got stuck with it and it's easy," Simon added.


The star's son Eric is also influencing his new lifestyle, Simon jokingly saying that he is on the same diet as his little boy: "Besides ice cream, he really likes water, and his Eats all raw vegetables. I'm on the Eric Cole diet. "


Simon's lifestyle took a turn for the worse in 2017 when he fell down the stairs of his London home due to high blood pressure. The incident saw him admitted to the hospital, and he later described how the accident woke him up.


Speaking to Sun, Simon said: "Sometimes we get a reminder that we are not invincible and it was definitely mine. It was a big shock. They think I fainted. Because I had low blood pressure, I had to take good advantage of it. Take care of yourself in dealing with it. After all, I am a father and more responsible than ever. "


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