Biden's first 100 days agenda as president

In the heat of the US presidential campaign, each candidate talks about his goals for the first 100 days in office and Democrat Joe Biden, who has challenged President Donald Trump, has done so for months.


Biden's first 100 days agenda as president

He says a Biden president has changed a number of fronts, from fighting the coronavirus to re-engaging in the Paris climate agreement and immigration reform.


Biden recently said of his opponent, "We have a lot of work to do to repair the damage we do.


Here is a look at the first 100 days of Biden's presidency.


- Epidemiological strategies.


Biden says he will immediately develop a national strategy to "move forward" with the virus and eradicate the epidemic.


This means a nationwide mask mandate and a plan to allow free and widespread Covid 19 tests, promote the development of American medical devices, and make any future vaccine "free for everyone." "Even if you are insured."


Accusing Trump of hurting his own health professionals, Biden has vowed to put Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House Corona Virus Task Force, on the board.


He also said he wanted to "snatch our experts" and cancel the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization, which Trump began in July.


- Economic recovery -


Biden says effectively re-feeding the economy is another immediate priority.


Democrats, relying on their experience with lawmakers from both parties, called on Congress to agree on a larger Corona virus aid package to help destroy struggling families and small businesses. Will do


In July, Biden unveiled his "Improve Bloodback" strategy, a 700 billion blueprint for creating millions of jobs. The richest Americans and the largest corporations will be financed’ by raising taxes.


Biden has also promised to invest heavily in renewable energy.


- Re-joining the climate agreement -


Biden has called for a protracted action to tackle climate change in the United States, which has been hit’ by rising hurricanes and wildfires in recent years.


Biden promised during his first debate against Trump, who withdrew from the landmark global agreement in 2017, "I will work first, I will rejoin the Paris Agreement."


Biden says he will also call for a climate summit of the world's leading polluters to "persuade" him to make more ambitious promises to reduce carbon emissions.


Biden has set out a 2 trillion-climate change plan, including a "clean energy revolution" aimed at achieving a net zero emissions economy after 2050.


He also promised that he would soon reject several of Trump's rollbacks on environmental standards.


- Judicial reform.


Biden has promised to appoint a bilateral national commission soon, which will have 180 days to study the judicial system.


He has said he is "not a fan" of moving the US Supreme Court beyond the current nine members.


But other Democrats have now made it clear that Trump's third nominee for the bench, Amy Connie Barrett, has been confirmed’ recognizing her six-thirds conservative majority.


Biden, who wrote several tough crime bills when he was a senator, is also calling for improvements in criminal justice.


Their plans include creating a grant program that encourages states to reduce incarceration and crime, ensuring housing for ex-incarcerated people and reducing recurrence crime.


- 'The Path to Citizenship' -


Biden has vowed to push for immigration reform once he wins the White House.


He has announced that he will immediately form a federal task force to reunite more than 500 children who were taken’ from their parents by the Trump administration on the US-Mexico border.


Biden has called the secession the result of Trump's zero-tolerance policy, which aims to prevent immigrants from entering the United States.


It will also lift travel restrictions that bar foreign nationals from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.


Another controversial move could be the prosecution of millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States.


"Within 100 days, I will send to the United States Congress the path to citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented people," Biden said in his last debate with Trump on October 22.


He also promised to help minors who have entered the country illegally with their parents - a group of about 700 to 700,000 young people who are legally residing and taking steps towards US citizenship. Allows


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