Coronavirus: Trump claims to be 'immune' and says he has a protective glow

Donald Trump has claimed that he has fully recovered from Covid-19 and now has an "immunity" from the virus that has killed more than 210,000 Americans.


Coronavirus: Trump claims to be 'immune' and says he has a 'protective glow'

"I have to tell you, I feel amazing. I feel really good. And I feel even better than the fact that, you know, the word exemption means something - really protective. "I think it's very important that this happens, that this is very important," the US president told Fox News in an interview on Sunday.


Mr. Trump reiterated his claim on Twitter for immunity to the coronavirus, saying: "Tomorrow and full sign out by White House doctors. That means I can't get it, and I can't give it. Great to know! "


The post was flagged’ by Twitter as "spreading misleading and potentially harmful information." Studies have not yet determined whether being infected’ with covid-19 can lead to future immunity.


The president's comments came a day after his doctor said the president had taken a test that showed he was no longer contagious. He did not say whether Mr. Trump tested negative for the virus, for which the president tested positive on October 1.


But the doctor's statement gave Mr. Trump the freedom to return to holding large rallies during the last weeks of the US presidential campaign.


He is expected’ to make his first public appearance on the campaign trail at a rally in Florida on Monday.


"As you know, doctors, the White House doctors are the best, and they said [I] am absolutely free to spread. There is no spread," Mr. Trump said. Crazy defeated the terrible China virus. "


While Mr. Trump said in an interview that he did not know how long he would be, exempt from covid-19 - "no one knows", he admitted - he was misled’ about the disease. What statements are made’ and what effect does it have on affected patients?


"Once you recover, you'll be immune," Mr. Trump said.


He then went on to reveal in his stack against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that he had recovered from his illness and COVID 19, who had not caught the virus.


Where Mr. Trump attended summer events without wearing a weather mask or observing social distance, Mr. Biden followed his example by wearing a mask from the Americans and taking all the precautions outlined by the Centers for Disease Control. Have been urging to do.


"Now you have a president who doesn't have to hide in the basement like his opponent. Mr. Trump said on Sunday, "You have a president who has an exception, which is a big one. I think that's a very important thing, clear."


Mr. Trump wants to return to the campaign trail after missing more than 10 days from his illness.


In several public opinion polls last week, it lost the national popular vote by more than 10 percentage points and is trailing in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Florida.


Mr. Trump will speak to supporters in Sanford, Florida, on Monday.


Vice President Mike Pence held a massive rally in Florida on Saturday in the world's largest retirement community, encouraged by supporters and many in need of medical attention because of the heat. Most did not wear masks.


Mr. Trump has promised to hold a "big rally" in Sanford this week.


The president will make a safe return to "public engagements" by the end of the week, White House physician Dr. Sean Conley said in a memo on Thursday, but Mr. Trump's doctors did not say if he would recover from the illness. Has twice tested negative, benchmark public health experts suggest returning to social activities.


Mr. Trump plans to hold evening rallies in John Stown, Pennsylvania on Tuesday and in Des Moines, Iowa on Wednesday.


On Sunday, the Trump administration called on Congress to pass a Coronavirus aid bill using small funds running out of a small business loan program when negotiations on a broader package are in the form of resistance.


The proposal was the latest in a series of non-stop talks aimed at securing further stimulus for the economy, which is struggling to recover from the coronavirus shutdown that has laid off millions of Americans.


In a letter to lawmakers, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and White House Chief of State Mark Meadows said they would continue to talk with Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reach an agreement on a comprehensive bill. To try


However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte's government.


"All or nothing is an unacceptable response from the American people," he wrote.


China will test the entire 9M City as Europe implements new virus rules

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