Following Brazil's latest milestone, Ronaldo's heartbreaking message to Neymar

Ronaldo praised the country's citizen Neymar on Tuesday after the Paris Saint-Germain superstar took the lead in Brazil's second-highest goals.


Following Brazil's latest milestone, Ronaldo's heartbreaking message to Neymar

Neymar's hat trick in Peru's 4-2 World Cup qualifier saw him add Brazil's great Ronaldo to the country's goal scoring list.


With 64 international goals, Neymar surpassed Ronaldo (62), the only Brazilian all-time record at the age of 28, with only Peel (77) winning.


Ronaldo, who won two World Cups during his time with Brazil between 1994 and 2011, used social media to praise Neymar's success.


The 44-year-old former striker wrote on Instagram on Wednesday, "All my respect for you neymarjr!" Is.


"He plays a lot, helps, plays, draws and bellies. There's a limit to the sky. Fly, kid!


"What a beautiful story you are writing. A complete and fast mature player. Crack! Handling the pressure off the pitch is more difficult than the ball itself.


"Now tell me: where have we come from, where have we come from ... who is going to tell us what is impossible? Trust your instincts because the skill is yours and no one can take it from you."


"You have a lot of records to overcome and traces to leave. Proud to see Brazil at the top!"


Neymar's two-game performance against Peru was also the fourth time he had scored three or more goals for his country in a game, but for the first time in a competitive manner.


Following Ronaldo's international success, he imitated Brazil's famous celebration and went on social media after the match to pay tribute.


While Neymar is promoting himself as a great Selecao, the young Brazilian Rodrigo recently announced that he does not want to follow in his footsteps and can leave his mark instead.


The Real Madrid youngster said: "When I started at Santos from the beginning of my career, they had already compared me to a 'new number' and with Robinho; I always had this on me. Weighed.


"I always said I wanted to be Rodrigo and make my own story, Robinho and Neymar Santos and where they played are great idols. I'm just getting started and I think there's only one Neymar.


"I've always put that weight on me, but I just want to be Rodrigo."


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