Kenny West bought his father's, Kim Kardashian hologram for his 40th birthday

Kim Kardashian is worried about her husband Kenny West's 40th birthday present.


Kenny West bought his father's, Kim Kardashian hologram for his 40th birthday

The rapper created Robert Kardashian's digital figure for his wife, and it looks like the gift is great.


Sharing a video of the hologram on social media, Kim called the high-tech "a special surprise from heaven."


He tweeted, "It's a lifelong thing! We watched it over and over again with emotion."


"I can't even begin to say that it meant experiencing me and my sisters, my brother, my mother, and my closest friends. Thank you so much for remembering that will last a lifetime." "She is OK.


In the hologram, Robert says: "You are 40 years old and you have all grown up. You look so beautiful when you were a little girl. I love you, your sisters and brother, and all your children." I see it every day. Sometimes I leave a hint that I'm around. "


The hologram also sang with Barry Mann's Hit Pit the Bomp after asking: "Remember when I drove you to school in my little Mercedes every day and we listened to this song together?"


The image of the late lawyer went on: "I am very proud of this woman who became you and everything you did ... but most impressively, you continue to be a lawyer and continue my legacy." Make a commitment. "


Kim, who turned 40 on October 21, is currently studying to become a lawyer like her father.


The hologram praised Kenny, its creator, saying: "I've seen that the most beautiful thing you can grow up in your family, you have the most, the most, in the whole world. The most, the most intelligent man, married to Kanye. West. "


He concluded: "You are the most, the most wonderful mother of your four beautiful children, and they are perfect. Keep doing what you are doing, Kimberly, you are a beautiful soul. Know. I'm very proud of that. You and I'm always with you. "


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