Kim Kardashian West's 40th Anniversary Celebrations

Kim Kardashian West is about to celebrate her 40th birthday on a private island.

Kim Kardashian West's 40th Anniversary Celebrations


The 'Continuing with Kardashian' star is reportedly flying to a private island with some of his close friends and relatives on the eve of his upcoming milestone birthday.


A source told the New York Post's Page Six column: "All guests know when he is ready for the flight, which will depart from the Los Angeles area early next week. This destination is being tightly wrapped’ up. Reasons, but that doesn't stop everyone from speculating. "


The destination is thought’ to be the Caribbean but is being wrapped’ up.


For safety reasons, every guest has already been tested’ once for CoVID-19 and will be asked for their opinion before going abroad for their celebrations next week.


Meanwhile, Kim had previously admitted that she worries about getting older "every single day".


When asked if he feared old age, he said: "Every single day. We had dinner with his mother last night on his birthday. That's what we talked about." Of course, there is a sense of peace and wisdom that you get from life. But it's just useless. There's no easy way. [But] I'm not here to age. Will increase


And Kim also admits to using anti-aging serums - usually for the face - to keep her skin fresh and looking younger. Keeps his body "everywhere."


He confessed: "I always put scan care everywhere; I think it's really a necessity. I put it on my legs, arms. You really have to do it on your neck and your chest. I may not like the scent of anything, but if I think it's a powerful product and I'll use it all over my body, I'll just put it on my arms, legs, abdomen - just that. I will use it everywhere. "


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