Machu Picchu opened for a single tourist who waited seven months to see it

Peru's famous Machu Picchu ruins, closed for months due to the coronavirus epidemic, reopened to a lucky Japanese tourist on Monday after spending months stranded in the country due to international travel restrictions.


Machu Picchu opened for a single tourist who waited seven months to see it

In a video first released by The Guardian, Jesse Takayama thanked officials who made a special request to visit the ruins after arriving months ago in a small town near the ruins, where COVID-19 Was banned by the Peruvian government and others around the world.


"They came to Peru with a dream to enter," Alejandro Naira, Peru's culture minister, told a news conference on Monday, according to The Guardian. "The Japanese citizen has entered with the head of our park so that he can do this before returning to his country."


According to the news agency, Takayama originally bought his ticket to visit the ruins in March.


Peru was forced’ to impose stricter COVID-19 travel restrictions, including the abolition of all international flights earlier this year, after the nation's rate of new COVID-19 cases, began to decline in August. Later that month, it relaxed.


According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the country has begun to see an increase in its rate in recent days, and is still facing its worst outbreak in South America.


"We are still in the midst of an epidemic. It will be done with all the necessary care," Neyra added.


In Peru, more than 849,000 cases of Covid 19 have been recorded’ and 33,305 deaths have occurred since the onset of the pandemic.


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