Masked Trump calls on well-wishers the tide turned when he was on his way to the helicopter to board the plane on Walter Reid.

Continuing his re-election campaign, Donald Trump was hospitalized’ in less than a day after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Masked Trump calls on well-wishers the tide turned when he was on his way to the helicopter to board the plane on Walter Reid.

Wearing a black facemask, the president waved across the White House lawn at about 5:30 p.m. Friday to board a Marine 1 helicopter for a short ride to Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland.

In the past 24 hours, the president and Melania Trump, as well as a number of top Republican officials, have reported that the president will spend "a few days" in hospital as a "precautionary measure" after reporting on the positive experiences of Cove 19.

"President Trump is in good spirits, has mild symptoms and works all day," Press Secretary Kelly McKinney said Friday. "With great caution, and on the recommendation of his physicians and medical experts, the president will be working from the presidential office in Walter Reid for the next few days."

Mr. Trump has been treated with Covid-19's experimental antibody cocktail and his doctor, Dr Sean Conley, said in a statement that his patient was "tired but in good spirits". The 74-year-old president is reportedly suffering from fever and cough. He is also taking vitamin D, zinc, melatonin, daily aspirin and an antidote, according to his doctor's memo.

However, he is in power and has not transferred executive control to Vice President Mike Pence.

The president announced on Twitter late Thursday that he and his wife had a positive experience for COVID 19. The couple was tested’ after a senior aide, Omid Hooks, was found’ infected after an incident at Mr. Trump's New Jersey golf club. Ms. Hux also traveled to Minnesota on Wednesday for a fundraiser and rally.

During a virtual address at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner on Thursday night, the president, an annual high-level fundraiser for Catholic charities, expressed his optimism and misguidance about the state of the public health crisis in his remarks. What statements were echoed’ that led to his accusation of rhetoric? At election rallies and in the White House.

He said a vaccine, which includes late-stage clinical trials, was "on track" to be developed and distributed "before the end of the year, and perhaps much earlier". "I just want to say that the epidemic is coming to an end, and next year will be the biggest year in the history of our country," he said.

Several other prominent figures announced their positive assessments on Friday, including Republican senators Mike Lee and Tham Tills, and GOP chair Rona McDaniel.

Before boarding Marine One on Friday evening, Mr. Trump recorded a video message, thanking supporters for their good wishes and saying he believed they were doing "very good."

He added in his first tweet for an entire day, "We're making sure things work." "The first lady is doing very well. So, thank you very much, I appreciate it, I will never forget it. Thank you.

Mr. Trump's assessment has accelerated his re-election campaign. His team has postponed all upcoming events, including two rallies this weekend, and has made a fuss to check its network on several possible transmission points - all after that. Discussing with the commission on the presidential debate on the proposed rules of additional "structures" in the coming events. Chaos opener on Tuesday,

It is not clear when the president and first lady contracted the virus.

During a White House briefing on Thursday, Ms. McKinney was asked’ if it was appropriate for the president to continue to rally with thousands of supporters in the so-called "red zones" despite the risk of infection, where the infection rate is high.

"There are really two standards of health in this country, one for Trump supporters and one for everyone," he said. "So it's very important if you're protesting, but when it comes to Trump supporters, political speech is no longer necessary."

She told reporters on Friday that she did not know that until she held the press conference, Omid Hooks had caught CoVID 19.

At least three White House news reporters received a positive assessment on Friday.

Republicans, meanwhile, have called for plans to endorse Amy Coe Barrett, the next president-elect to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, in the U.S. Supreme Court as a result of opposition from Democrats. The latter group says lawmakers do not know "the full extent of possible exposure to the president's infection."

Judge Barrett had a close relationship with the president when he announced his nomination at a White House event over the weekend. He reported the test was negative on Friday. Senator Lee was one of three people on the program, including Mr. Trump and Notre Dame President John Jenkins, who have since tested positive for CoVIDd-19.
Republican National Committee Chair Rona McDaniel, who last met with the president on September 25, also announced that she had a positive experience.

Vice President Mike Pence, who could take over the presidency if Mr. Trump became too ill to carry out his duties, was negatively tested’ on Friday. He is back in Washington DC.

But according to White House officials, the president has not transferred power to Mr. Pence. The president is in charge, said Alyssa Farah, White House communications director.

The vice president's physician said he "does not consider close contact with anyone related to health" and despite health guidelines that "urge anyone to be isolated from anyone." The person who has the infection.

The statement said Mr. Pence had not been in close contact with any administration officials or staff who had been in close contact with the president, first lady or even Ms. Hicks, although Mr. Pence had received coronavirus at the White House Rose Garden on Monday Attended the briefing. And met with the president on Tuesday, two days before he allegedly revealed Mr. Trump's positive assessment and placed him on the threshold of quarantine.

Mr. Pence is due to travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, on Monday before debating his Democratic opponent, Kamala Harris, on Wednesday.

In remarks Friday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Mr. Trump's diagnosis served as a "breaking reminder" of the need to take illness seriously that killed more than 200,000 Americans and Millions more have been affected.

Mr. Biden, who has tested negative for the coronavirus, has stopped campaigning "negative" because of his rival's ill health. He is campaigning in Michigan this weekend. The former vice president said he and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, wished Trump well and were praying for him.


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