Pelosi letter accuses Trump of 'delay, denial, distortion' over coronavirus

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D. California) on Friday released a scathing assessment of President Trump's response to the coronavirus epidemic, accusing Trump of "delaying, denying, distorting the truth" about COVID-19. Applied


Pelosi letter accuses Trump of 'delay, denial, distortion' over coronavirus

In a letter to a dear colleague, Pelosi said the president "does not have the leadership or planning skills needed to investigate, trace, and isolate," he wrote.


"Instead, Trump's delay, denial, distortion of reality and hatred of science has resulted in a fatal and preventable human loss," the speaker added.


Pelosi also criticized the president for withdrawing from aid talks on the coronavirus on Tuesday after the November election.


Pelosi wrote, "This week, when President Trump withdrew from the Coronavirus relief talks, he moved away from the virus-crushing strategy, in which science, governance and the health and well-being of the American people are at stake. It was an insult. " .


Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin spoke by telephone on Wednesday about the airport's aid package alone, as industry has indicated it will lay off thousands of workers this month.


Trump, who changed his tune on Wednesday, urged Congress to send him a small, standing bill instead of a fast-moving bill proposed by Pelosi and Mnuchin.


Trump reiterated his position Thursday morning, saying he was negotiating a "big deal" rather than a serious focus package to save the airlines, but there was no indication that anyone Negotiations on the big bill have begun.


But Pelosi has rejected this view of coronavirus relief.


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