Police detained the protesters in the Russian city Khabarovsk

In the eastern city of eastern Russia, police detained several dozen demonstrators Saturday, after the start of protests against the governor's arrest three months ago, it was the first crack download.


Police detained the protesters in the Russian city Khabarovsk

Sergei Fergal, of the Khabarovsk government, was arrested’ on July 9 on suspicion of involvement in the killings and was sent to Moscow prison. Fergal, a former businessman, denied the allegations, which his supporters say were revenge by rivals.


Since his capture, thousands of protesters have been marching regularly over the weekend in the 600,000-strong city of Khabarovsk, near the Chinese border. He protested against Fergal's imprisonment and demanded that his trial be held’ in the city.


Demonstrations are a serious challenge for the Russian government, which generally does not hesitate to disperse unapproved demonstrations. The refusal to use force by the authorities reflects fears of widespread discontent, and it is hoped’ that the protests will eventually turn violent.


But regular demonstrations continue in the news, and its participants are increasingly pursuing a broader agenda challenging President Vladimir Putin's rule.


On Saturday, police, thousands of protesters marched around the city when I did not interfere but after about 30 tents set up on the central square of Khabarovsk protesters detained.


For Russian officials, such as tents are reminiscent of large-scale protests that toppled the former Ukrainian pro-Moscow leader in 2014. The Kremlin retaliated by supporting Ukraine's annexation of Crimea and the separatist uprising in eastern Ukraine, leading to Western sanctions.


As Saturday evening drew to a close, hundreds of protesters once again gathered in the central square of Khabarovsk. Police had no right to protest, and he warned them to disperse, but cannot move quickly to break up the rally.


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