Saint festival, the patron saint of epidemics in Romania

The feast of St. Dmitry of Bucharest patron Basarabov is a demonstration of the power of Orthodox Christianity in Romania, where a week-long festival dedicated to a former fellow usually draws 100,000 people from across the country to the capital each October Brings.


Saint festival, the patron saint of epidemics in Romania

This year, the coronavirus stopped the national pilgrimage. The celebration of Dmitry's honor began over the weekend when, for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic, the daily number of coronavirus infections in Romania exceeded 5,000. The number of CoVID-19 patients in intensive care also reached a new high.


Measures of limited access to infection control Bucharest residents at the fair. The invitation was shortened’ to three days and less than one-third of the normal number of worshipers were intimidated.


According to tradition, the remains said to belong to three saints, including Saint Dmitry, were taken out of the Patriarchal Cathedral and placed in a nearby chapel. People who wear masks to prevent the virus from entering the past of the cell said that the miracle consists in keeping the miracle with healing powers, kissing and wiping personal belongings on shiny metal matters. ۔


Volunteers regularly sprayed and disinfected plastic covers on all three cases.


Sanctions on epidemics have drawn criticism from members of the Orthodox clergy. Approximately 85% of Romania's population recognizes more than 19 million Orthodox Christians, and the government dramatically changes religious ceremonies in 2020.


Patriarch Daniel, head of Romania's Orthodox Church, reminded worshipers that communism ended in Romania in December 1989, just two months after government officials were banned’ from this year's St. Dmitry holiday because of a building near the Patriarchal Cathedral. I was meeting at the Communist Party. 


A swift revolution led to the execution on Christmas Day of Romania's last communist leader, President Nikolai Sysco, and his wife, Elena. For Patriarch Daniel, the connection between failing to respect the patron saint is clear.


He said this week that "the humiliation of St. Dimitri was" rewarded, "as the communist government collapsed in a matter of months. God is not allowed to be mocked”


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