Slovenia's prime minister faces charges of alleged power abuse

A Slovenian court has received a request from the prosecution to indict Prime Minister Janez Jansa on charges of abuse of power in property deals in the early 2000s, which carries a maximum sentence of eight years in prison. Is.

Slovenia's prime minister faces charges of alleged power abuse

Jansa, a nationalist who spent time in prison in 2013 on bribery charges that was later dropped’ is accused of illegally taking advantage of a real estate deal that allegedly But it helped him buy an apartment in the capital, Ljubljana, for more than a million euros (more than 300,000). ).

A spokesman said via e-mail that Jansa was not aware of the contents of the indictment. He has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in his dealings with real estate.

"The court found this indictment," Lublin District Court said in an email Friday in response to Bloomberg questions. Initially, a formal investigation of a crime is required, after which it is charged. Therefore, the guilt is not final yet.

The case dates back to 2005 during Jansa's first term as prime minister. According to the daily Vecer, he is accused’ of financing the purchase of an apartment by selling the land to a buyer who paid a higher price.

Jansa returned to power earlier this year after illegally defeating former Prime Minister Marjan Sarec’s ruling coalition parties when he resigned in an attempt to consolidate his popularity in the early elections.


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