Stephen Miller, Trump's top adviser, tests positive for coronavirus

Donald Trump's top aide, Stephen Miller, has had a positive experience for Covid-19, which has joined the growing list of personalities close to the president who has contracted the virus because of the White House and is on the rise. The epidemic has been brought’ under control.


Stephen Miller, Trump's top adviser, tests positive for coronavirus

"For the past five days I've been working from a distance and isolating myself, testing negative every day for the day," Miller said in a statement. Be quarantined


More than a dozen White House officials and others in the president's orbit have tested positive for the virus. Earlier this year, Miller's wife, Katie Miller - was Mike Pence's press secretary.


Miller, who has served as a policy adviser and speaker for Trump, was one of the most passionate defenders of the administration's policy of separating children from their parents.


An immigration hardliner who has openly supported racist and white nationalist views that immigration and amnesty for immigrants would "reject" the United States, Miller also called for an end to the president's zero-tolerance policies. The key role was to separate at least 5,400 children from their parents


Meanwhile, Trump, who is recovering in the White House, tweeted his eagerness to return to the campaign trail on Tuesday, even as the epidemic, which has killed more than 210,000 Americans. Yes, they have spread to the top US government officials. Trump came under fire after returning from the hospital, where he spent three days, and despite being contagious, stored a mask-free photo outside the White House.


U.S. military leaders were also distancing themselves Tuesday after the Pentagon announced that a senior Coast Guard official had a positive experience.


Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i'll tell ya. Trump tweeted Tuesday morning that he plans to join Joe Biden in Miami next week. "that would be great!" They said.


Biden, however, said the program should be canceled’ if Trump remains positive after the next presidential debate.


"I'm not sure what to do with President Trump now. I don't know what his status is. "I am able to discuss this, but I hope all protocols will be followed," Baden told reporters in Hagerstown, Maryland.


"If Trump is still sick, we should" not argue, "Biden added. “A lot of people are infected."


So far, Biden has had a negative experience with the virus, despite talking to Trump during his first presidential debate last Tuesday - when the president could be’ infected.


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