Trump had a positive experience for the upcoming COVID in the US election

President Donald Trump has already tested positive for Covid-19 in the run-up to the US election, but his doctor said on Friday that he was "good" and able to perform his duties to the best of his ability. Are able

Trump had a positive experience for the upcoming COVID in the US election

Trump, 74, first announced on Twitter that he and 50-year-old First Lady Melania Trump had a positive experience.

"We'll get on with it!" He wrote.

The news sparked a political bombing a month before election day.

The first immediate result was the cancellation of Trump's election rally, which was to take place later in Florida.

Even before the Nov. 3 Democratic challenger who narrowly fell behind in the election against Biden, Trump has been using large rallies - where most people go unmasked - to talk about his coronavirus epidemic. Attempts to change the subject with a highly critical response.

Speaking at a New York charity event on Thursday alone, he said: "The epidemic is coming to an end and next year will be the biggest year in our country's history."

But now the leader who has repeatedly doubted the seriousness of the virus - despite the fact that more than 200,000 Americans are already dying - is proving that not all White House resources can stop the menace. Are

Biden, who has criticized the Republican response to the corona virus on his key issue, did not immediately comment on the president's health.

World leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, wished the president and first lady a speedy recovery, and Russian President Vladimir Putin said it would help tackle Trump's "vitality, good spirit and optimism."

Technically obese and in his 70s, Trump is in the high-risk category for coronavirus patients.

Trump's public physician, Sean Conley, said in a statement that the president and his wife were "OK at the moment."

"I plan to stay home in the White House during my stay," he said. He added that he expected the president to continue to perform his duties.

- Stir in the campaign -

Trump's positive experience was more than a PR disaster for a president who has done everything in his power to persuade Americans that the virus fears have subsided.

Its electoral strategy was immediately affected’ especially by the skepticism about the future of its signature rallies.

Trump says the events proved his true political power better than a sham referendum, gathering thousands, without a mask and sometimes violating local laws.

At least for the immediate future, and with the election clock ticking, which is yet to come.

In addition to canceling the trip to Florida, it seemed that Trump would have to cancel his trip to Wisconsin this weekend, the second battlefield. He was expected’ to travel frequently, including in the western states, next week.

The second televised debate with Biden is scheduled’ for October 15.

- A close helper gets the virus.

The news came after a close adviser to Trump, Hope Hicks, announced on Thursday that the virus had been’ eradicated.

Hicks, 31, traveled to Cleveland with Trump for his first argument with Biden on Tuesday. She was with him again for an election rally in Minnesota on Wednesday.

Trump's Air Force One plane and Marine One helicopter with Hooks share more sophisticated prisoners, prompting speculation. It was rumored’ that Trump and possibly many others in his delegation were exposed.

Despite Hicks' assessment, Trump made another Air Force One trip Thursday to meet with donors in New Jersey.

It wasn't until late Thursday evening that Trump confirmed media reports about Hooks in an interview with Fox News. He announced that he had been tested’ but did not say whether he had received the results.

Hicks, the White House's most senior aide, has announced the signing of the Cowboys-19.

In May, Katie Miller, spokeswoman for Vice President Mike Pence and wife of the author of Trump's speech, contracted the virus. National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien contracted the virus in July.

- Mask Conflict -

For months, Trump has been embroiled in controversy over his insistence that the coronavirus epidemic is so good and that the lockdown, which was stopped’ in an attempt to defeat the virus from behind, was severe.

What has finally become a political gesture, Trump almost never wears a public veil.

He says it is not necessary because he is often tested, but he is supported by his supporters and many of his colleagues.

But Trump's own health experts have often underestimated the epidemic in the world's richest country.

And Trump, in particular, has been criticized’ by Biden, and at times by local leaders.

Biden is deliberately running a low-key campaign with social distance in most programs, no large gatherings, and uses his mask clearly wherever he goes.

In their first debate on Tuesday, the candidates were tested and spent an angry, often chaotic 90 minutes standing close to each other. Trump's family and aides in the audience did not wear masks.


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