Trump says the Supreme Court may have helped Biden win

President Trump on Friday quickly sought to sue the Supreme Court over whether he would lose re-election, saying the Democratic nominee who wins Biden's White House would be a "radical leftist." We will pack the High Court with the judges.


Trump says the Supreme Court may have helped Biden win

Following Trump's tweets, there were a handful of Supreme Court decisions on adding deadlines for the ballot in 2020 election.


The Supreme Court this week handed Democrats two victories in a legal dispute over the election, allowing the deadline to extend in two major swing states, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.


"If the sleepy Joe Biden is actually elected president, the 4 justices (plus 1) who helped make such a ridiculous victory possible will be forced to sit on not only a heavier court, but perhaps even a reactionary court." Trump tweeted early Friday morning. Morning "At least a lot of new judges will be just radicals!"


Trump also claimed in an earlier tweet that Biden would "destroy" the Supreme Court and warned: "Don't let that happen!


Biden has raised questions about whether he will support court-packing, or increase the number of judges on the Supreme Court.


The former vice president said in a "60 Minutes" interview last week that he would call for a bilateral commission to make recommendations for reforming the judiciary, calling it "instability-free".


As election day approaches, Trump has permanently overtaken Biden in the national polls. Biden has also made strides on key battlefield states.


The president has long remarked against attempts to increase voting in the mail during the Coronavirus epidemic, claiming that doing so would lead to widespread fraud. Experts say there is no evidence of significant electoral fraud in mail-in voting.


Republicans won in Minnesota on Thursday when a federal appeals court ruled that the state should set aside if the late ballot was rejected’ illegally.


Earlier this week, the president made it clear that he hoped the courts would rule in favor of the Republicans and stop efforts to extend the deadline to get mail ballots ahead of election day. The poll shows Democrats are more likely to do better in absentia voting, while Republicans are more likely to vote in person.


"Hopefully, the rest of the states that would like to spend more time counting ballots after November 3 will not be allowed to do so by various courts," Trump said Wednesday, citing decisions in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Minnesota. Told reporters before. .


Pennsylvania and North Carolina decisions will allow ballots that are not postmarked after election day and those that arrive three and nine days after election day, respectively, to be counted. In a separate ruling, which represented Republicans winning, the Supreme Court set a Nov. 3 deadline in Wisconsin to collect mail ballots.


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