Trump signed the Stop Gap Funding Bill to stop the government shutdown

The White House said President Donald Trump signed the Stop Gap Spending Act early Thursday to prevent a government shutdown in the weeks leading up to the presidential election.

Trump signed the Stop Gap Funding Bill to stop the government shutdown

At midnight, the American spending power was gone. The White House announced that it had signed the bill shortly after returning from the Minnesota campaign.

The bill will keep the government working on current spending levels until December 11. The Senate passed the bill on Wednesday, which passed the House easily last week.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans, along with White House officials, last week agreed to provide more aid to farmers and more food aid to low-income families.

The bill provides 30 billion to the Department of Agriculture's Commodity Credit Corporation, which the administration uses to send payments to farmers to get rid of the virus. Democrats received about 8 billion for the Children's Infectious Diseases Program, which typically feeds school-going children.

With the Temporary Expenditure Bill scrapped, lawmakers will try to complete work on the 12 annual budgets for fiscal year 2021 in the lame duck session after the November and December elections. The Senate has not yet drafted a bill, and it is likely to replace Trump's payment for the wall on the US-Mexico border and the military funds he directed last year to pay for border security. But no battle is ahead yet.

It was a blockade on the border wall that led to a 35-day government shutdown that began in December 2018.


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