Under WHO-monitored pressure, EU calls for changes in tackling epidemics

The European Union (EU) wants the World Health Organization (WHO) to be more transparent about how states report on emerging health crises. After dealing with China’s, initial action of the disease.

Under WHO-monitored pressure, EU calls for changes in tackling epidemics


The paper, prepared by the German government in consultation with other member states, outlines the EU's monthly plans to address shortcomings in the WHO's financing, governance, and legal powers.


As of October 19, and this news has been seen by Reuters, the WHO is called upon to take steps to increase "transparency on national compliance" with international health regulations. For this, WHO member countries need to exchange information on health emergencies expeditiously.


The United States has accused the WHO of being too close to China in the first phase of the epidemic, when Beijing was slow to share important information about the new corona virus - which first appeared in Wuhan. Was


President Donald Trump has said that the United States will terminate the membership of this agency and as a result will stop its financial support.


The WHO has repeatedly denied the allegations. It did not respond to requests for comment on the EU proposal.


On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Xiao Lijian, when asked about the document, said China wanted to "actively participate" in WHO reforms, which he said would not be possible for anyone country. Interests should not be’ served.


He said in Beijing that reforms should remove "political interference" from the World Health Organization, increase its resources and capacity to deal with global health crises, and support for developing countries. Should be’ strengthened.


The German government declined to comment on the contents of the document because it was still a draft.


The European Union and its states are among the largest donors to the WHO, and if the United States withdraws from the US agency, it will have a higher public share by now.


Asia is suffering from the worst recession in living memories.

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