How can Biden heal America when Trump doesn't want to heal him?


How can Biden heal America when Trump doesn't want to heal him?


it's over. Donald Trump is history.


For the millions of Americans who have a majority of 500,000 popular votes, it is a time of celebration and relief. Trump's tyranny, enmity, instability, lies, corruption, rejection of science, incompetence of chaos and domestic narcissism have created the worst situation in America. He experienced the limits of American politeness and democracy. He is the closest we have come to a dictator.


Democracy has undergone a recovery, a restoration of implementation. We have another chance to protect it, and restore what is good about America.


It will not be easy. The social fabric is deeply torn. Joe Biden will inherit an epidemic that would have been even worse if Trump had not eradicated it and refused to take responsibility for overcoming it, and an economic crisis that has left him in a precarious position. Had fallen


The worst legacy of Trump's tenure is the divided United States.


According to the number of ballots cast in the election, the base of support for Trump is about 70 million. He was angry before the election (like Biden's supporters). Now, perhaps, they are angry.


He didn't just put salt on our wounds. He planted grenades in them


The nation was already divided’ when Trump became president on the basis of race and ethnicity, region, education, national origin, religion and class. But he exploited these divisions to advance himself. He didn't just put salt on our wounds. He planted grenades in them.


This is a bad legacy. While Americans strongly disagree with the government's actions, we at least agree to abide by its decisions. This meta-agreement required a lot of social trust that we respect the views and interests of those with whom we disagree, as well as our own. But Trump has consistently sacrificed that confidence to feed his raga ego.


Elections usually end with the losing candidates congratulating the winners and graciously accepting defeat, thus demonstrating their commitment to the democratic system they have struggled to achieve.


But there will be no favors, no concessions from Trump. He is incapable of anything.


He will remain president for another two and a half months. He is still alleging that the election was rigged, adding to legal challenges and recounts, calling for tactics that could prevent states from meeting the December 8th deadline to elect voters.


If he continues, the United States may find itself in a situation similar to the one it faced in 1876 when allegations of ballot fraud forced a special election commission to decide the winner. Exactly two days ago.


I wouldn't be surprised if Trump refuses to attend Biden's inauguration and holds a massive rally instead.


While it remains a hotbed of controversy and divisiveness, Trump's focus on the nation could last for years.


He will send a fiery storm of angry messages to his followers - questioning Biden's legitimacy and requesting that he refuse to recognize his presidency. This will be followed’ by months of rallies and tweets with more foreign allegations: Biden against Trump and the United States, Nancy Pelosi, "deep state" bureaucrats, "socialists", immigrants, Muslims, or any other standard enemy.


That could go on for years, with Trump keeping the nation's attention, keeping the center of controversy and separatism at bay, keeping his followers on a consistent footing, and with the prospect of re-election in 2024. Could fight, in which it was difficult for Biden to do anything. He has promised national healing and the nation desperately needs it.

When Trump does not want Biden to heal the nation.


Media (including Twitter, Facebook, and even Fox News) can help. They have started calling Trump's lies in real time and have ended his press conferences, the methods that should have started years ago. Let's hope they continue to tag his lies and otherwise ignore him - a fitting end to a realistic TV president who tried to turn America into a reality.


But we all have a responsibility to fix America.


For starters, we want to recognize and respect this great virtue. What we've seen during these difficult times - started with thousands of election workers who worked long hours in difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions.


Include them. Hospital workers all over the world are saving their lives from the curse of Covid-19. Thousands of firefighters in the West and emergency responders on the Gulf Coast fighting the effects of climate change; Government Employees Checking Millions of Unemployed Americans Social workers dealing with family crises in the face of eviction and other hardships. Troops of volunteers eat from the soup kitchen.


These are the real heroes of America. They embody the politeness of this land. They are healing, rebuilding trust, reminding us who we are and who we are not.


What did Vice President-elect Kamala Harris tell the nation?

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