Iran urges next US administration to learn from sanctions

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that he hoped the next US administration would find out that sanctions would not allow Tehran to bow to US policy.


Iran urges next US administration to learn from sanctions

US President Donald Trump, who is on the verge of defeating Joe Biden in the Challenger election on Tuesday has pursued a "maximum pressure" policy against Iran since its withdrawal from the landmark nuclear deal in 2018. Is applied.


"We hope that the three years of experience will be a lesson for the next US administration to abide by the rules and regulations and return to its positions," Rouhani said in a televised speech.


"Our people have suffered from economic terrorism for the last three years."


Rouhani said Iran "will not show resilience and patience until it bows to the rules and regulations on the other side."


The Islamic Republic hopes that "those who impose sanctions realize that their path was wrong and will not achieve their goals in any way."


Iranian officials have said they will focus on the policies of the next US administration instead of becoming president.


Tehran has also insisted that the nuclear deal would not include a "guarantee" as well as compensation for damages resulting from the possible withdrawal of the United States.


Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tuesday that the US election would "not affect" Tehran's policies on Washington.


Biden has said that if he wins the presidency and increases the chances of a return to the 2015 nuclear deal, he is credited’ with "a return to diplomacy" with Iran, after becoming vice president under Barack Obama The path "intends to take.


"The policy of maximum pressure has come to an end, and contrary to Trump's expectations, Iran has not failed," government spokesperson Ali Rabiei wrote in the state-run daily Iran on Saturday.


"Whatever administration comes to power ... there is nothing left to impose," he said.


Rabbi called on the next US president to "try to dismantle the structure that Trump built" and return to a "reasonable policy."


Most Iranian newspapers covered the US presidential election on the front pages of the week.


"Great America!" "A country that calls itself a global model of democracy has entered an era of political, security and social instability," he joked.


However, a reformist newspaper, Aftab Yazd, without Trump, "predicted less surprises in foreign policy and things would be more predictable."


He added: "Of course, predicting is not the same as being positive.


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