'Love Texas!’ Trump praises the video-resembling car the group that allegedly tried to drive Biden off the road

President Donald Trump praised a video Saturday evening resembling a group of cars decorated with pro-Trump flags that allegedly tried to run a Biden campaign bus near a road in Texas.


'Love Texas!’ Trump praises the video-resembling car the group that allegedly tried to drive Biden off the road

"I love Texas!" The president tweeted in a short video that the Biden bus runs on the highway, surrounded by cars displaying Trump flags. The scene was similar to an incident on Friday in which Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden's campaign signaled the cancellation of a state event due to security concerns.


Cars carrying Trump supporters surrounded a Biden campaign bus en route from San Antonio to Austin on Friday. Some of the vehicles in the group ran in front of the bus on Interstate 35 and slowed down in an apparent attempt to stop the bus.


The Biden campaign later said Trump supporters had to "carefully" cancel a program in Texas after he tried to run his bus "off the road." Biden staff, worried about their safety, called 911 and asked for help to reach their destination. The Austin Police Department told the Washington Post that no arrests were made’ when officers joined the Biden bus in Austin.


Democrat Sheryl Cole, a member of the Texas House of Representatives, tweeted: "This is the first time for me - but we've just joined the Flogger Will / @ Joe Biden Campaign, Austin Young Dames, and much more for security reasons." "Unfortunately, pro-Trump protesters have gone beyond safe havens."


In a statement, Tariq Thowfeek,, Texas communications director for the Biden campaign, said, "Instead of engaging in fruitful conversations about the different insights that Biden and Donald Trump has about our country, Trump in Texas Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.


Videos and photos of the incident have been shared’ on social media, alleging that Trump supporters armed Biden Bus when he attacked the state as part of a "war for the nation". The pass was traveling, in which prominent Texas Democrats were invited’ to announce their support for the vice president.


Reporter Jordan Bontke shouted at Biden Bus and shared footage of Trump supporters as they approached the I-35, accusing Democrats of being "Chinese communists." Pro-Trump activists can be seen’ walking holding a sign that reads, "Hunter Biden's Laptop."


The news comes as US citizens and officials are increasingly concerned about the possibility of intimidation or violence at polling stations on election day.


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