Russia's 'Sausage King' killed a crossbow in the sauna outside Moscow

On Monday, several intruders broke into the home of a Russian meat tycoon known as the "Sausage King" outside Moscow, broke into gold, tied him and a woman before crucifying him, and demanded money.


Russia's 'Sausage King' killed a crossbow in the sauna outside Moscow

The woman managed to escape the attack in the Moscow area and alert police, but the businessperson was killed’ when officers arrived at the scene, according to the investigation committee, which in itself the Russian version of the FBB.


The agency did not name the dead man in its statement, but RENTV and other Russian media identified him as Vladimir Marugov, owner of the "Ozyorsky Sausages" and "Meat Kingdom" sausage factories.


Serious and occasional assassinations have often made headlines in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, but they have become less common since President Vladimir Putin came to power at the end of the century.


The investigators said the intruders demanded that Marugov hand over the cash he had kept in his home, and he fled in a car. He said investigators found a murder weapon, a crossbow.


The vehicle was also found’ in villages near the town of Astra, west of Moscow, where wealthy Russians have indigenous homes called dachas and enjoy weekends.


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