The head of the WHO, who took over after the contact test for Covid-19 was positive

The head of the World Health Organization said late Sunday that he had separated from himself after someone who had been contacted’ positively about what was tested in Covid 19, but insisted he had no symptoms.


The head of the WHO, who took over after the contact test for Covid-19 was positive

"I've met someone who has had a positive experience for # COVID19."


"I am fine and without symptoms, but in the coming days, according to WHO protocol, and those working from home will be separated from themselves," he added.


Tedros has been at the forefront of the UN Health Agency's efforts to fight the epidemic.


Covid-19 claims to have affected the lives of about 1.2 million people worldwide and more than 46 million since its emergence in China late last year.


- 'Press the virus'.


"It's very important that we all follow the health guidelines," Tedros said on Twitter.


"This way we will break the chains of # COVID19 transmission, suppress the virus and protect the health system."


The 55-year-old former Ethiopian health and foreign affairs minister has reiterated for months that everyone has a role to play in stopping the spread of the virus.


The WHO urges all individuals to be careful about hand washing, wearing masks, and keeping distance, while urging authorities at various levels to work to find, isolate, investigate, and take care of matters. Yes, then trace their contacts and separate them.


His comments come as anger and frustration over the new coronavirus is mounting as several European countries put clocks behind them with fresh locks and bans aimed at curbing head-on illnesses and deaths to stop.


European governments are anxious to prevent a worsening infection.


More than 279,000 deaths have occurred on the continent since the onset of the epidemic.


Geneva, where the WHO is headquartered’ declared a state of emergency on Sunday, saying it would go beyond Swiss national measures to close all bars, restaurants, and non-essential shops.


Region officials in the region of about 500,000 said more than 1,000 positive tests a day were needed’ in recent days - and new measures were needed’ due to the increase in the number of Covid 19 patients in Geneva's hospitals and emergency care units.


The health situation is also deteriorating in the United States, which has become a fierce critic of the WHO and its leader over President Donald Trump's response to the Covid-19.


Trump is pushing the United States out of the WHO, accusing China of being a "puppet" and mismanagement of the global epidemic.


The worst-hit country already has 230,586 deaths, according to official sources, with the United States adding 776 new deaths on Saturday, the highest number in the world.


Belarus has told the US president that it has not seen any police abuse

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