The Vatican says the pope was ousted’ in the context of a gay couple

The Vatican has overtaken Pope Francis' remarks in support of gay unions, saying the pope's words have been removed’ from the context.


The Vatican says the pope was ousted’ in the context of a gay couple

In a documentary aired for the first time on October 21, the pope was shown saying that gay couples have a "right to a family." Opposition to homosexuality was seen’ as a significant change from the Catholic Church's long-standing opposition, but the Vatican has so far refrained from commenting formally on the incident.


In an internal document about the bishop, first posted on Twitter by Papal biographer Austin Ivory, the Vatican says that the answers to the two different questions of the pope as a single part without providing a proper context. Was’ edited. A Vatican official confirmed the authenticity of the document.


The document said the pope was referring to the right of gay people to be accepted’ by their families, while the documentary said it rejected gay marriages, which was a non-violent response. ۔


The two-page letter seeks to dispel the pope's groundbreaking comments on the documentary. He says the pope was referring to the legal framework in some countries where civil unions were allowed’ between gay couples and was not breaking the church's ideology.


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