WhatsApp Introduces Missing Messages, New Storage Management Tool

WhatsApp is developing a bunch of new features in its services to make Instagram more competitive with Direct, Slack, and Telegram likes.

WhatsApp Introduces Missing Messages, New Storage Management Tool

The company has announced the arrival of "Missing Messages" which allows users to send text messages and media to each other, which will expire after 7 days.


Also, it is becoming an improved storage management tool that will allow more detailed control of what is stored on the phone and what is deleted’ by size or age filters.


Missing messages may only be eligible for a specific chat. You have to tap the contact's name and then find its feature, and then just tap on / off. Once activated, it will automatically delete messages from the chat thread, but if the backup option is enabled’ and the message is selected, it will remain in the phone storage that was intended to be deleted.


This feature will reach both Android and iOS but the update is gradual - some users may be getting it, others may have to wait a little longer.


The redesigned storage management tool will be available in the "Manage Storage" submenu in Settings / Storage and Data. Currently, WhatsApp stores all media in a single folder and views it in one place, but in the future items that have been forwarded multiple times will appear in one place, and the other in files larger than 5MB. Is for


This will give consumers a better idea of ​​where they end up and manage their storage, especially in countries and regions where cheap smartphones with low internal memory are sought’ and sold.


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