'Where is the vaccine?' Doctors promised Trump's coronavirus before election day

President Donald Trump and White House advisers have said for months that by the day of the election, millions of coronavirus vaccines will be "ready to go." But three days later, health experts say the vaccination of Covid 19 was another campaign promise.


'Where is the vaccine?' Doctors promised Trump's coronavirus before election day

Trump and Mike Pence, vice president of the White House Corona Virus Task Force, have vowed to make a CoVID-19 vaccine available "very soon" from the first week of March. But on Friday, three days before Election Day, and despite the president's claim, the United States set a world record for the highest number of corona cases in a single day. From New York City Emergency Room Physician Craig Spencer to Molecular Medicine Professor Eric Topol and even Dr. Anthony Fauci, medical experts said the failure to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine was expected’ by election day.


"So we're going to get a vaccine very soon, maybe before a certain date. You know what date I'm talking about," Trump told FDA and CDC experts on September 7. But accused of playing politics in the election. The purpose of the day


Topol warned Americans in early September that it was "practically impossible" to transfer Trump's corona virus vaccine until election day, as Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies said they would ensure a safe vaccine. How slow will the "warp speed" test process actually be? Pfizer said no vaccines were expected’ earlier this month before the end of November.


The president has blamed a number of health professionals, including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the "deep state" and the CDC, for failing to monitor his administration's pre-November 3 vaccine rollout. Includes a "director".


Michigan campaigners were told’ Friday that doctors had criticized Trump on Friday for trying to control COVID-19 deaths in order to make money. Earlier this month, Trump accused the FDA of a "political hit job," after agency officials said it would be difficult to "speed up" safe immunization tests before election day.


The day Trump was released’ from the Walled Reed National Military Medical Center for COVID-19 treatment, he announced the vaccine: "I think we should have it before the election. But clearly But, he gets involved in politics, and that's fine, he wants to play the game. It'll be fine after the election. "


Dr. Tom Frieden, an infectious disease specialist and former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slammed Trump's repeated claims that the coronavirus vaccine is imminent, saying it was deliberately The reason is "terrible Halloween. Ever."


"There's one thing that can stop the code. For months, I've said it's not there, but there's one thing. There's no veil. There's no travel limit. There's no home stay. There's no contact with testing. There's no loneliness. No, not at all. Dr. Frieden tweeted, "Not even a vaccine. It is true."


Frieden and Spencer were among several physicians around the world who criticized the Trump administration for bringing in Dr. Scott Atlas, the former head of Stanford Neuroradiology, for treating epidemics so negatively. Has been’ charged. Atlas is backtracking on Foucault's remarks that a single vaccine could take months.


The CDC says November 15 is the time when states should be ready to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, but independent medical advisers say it is a history of great hope. The NPR reported on Saturday that it was up to the FDA to issue emergency clearance for the distribution of any vaccine, and that any of the four U.S. companies involved in the final phase of clinical studies had applied for permission. Has not given


"The seriousness of the situation at the FDA, or whatever, is making it very difficult for pharmaceutical companies to get people tested for vaccines and treatments. We have to focus on speed, and save lives! "Trump tweeted on August 22.


The United States set a world record for the most number of one-day cases recorded for any country, with U.S. officials reporting 99,321 new cases of Covid 19 on Friday. India had set a previous record of new cases a day earlier on September 17, when the government reported 97,894 cases. Thirty-one states set a one-day record for new infections in October alone, making Iowa the 31st state on Friday.


Six months ago, in late April, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that 70 coronavirus vaccines had been administered’ worldwide, with the modern biotechnology company Cambridge, Massachusetts, launching human trials. In the first class of the world. Moderna announced Thursday that it has 20 million Corona virus vaccines ready by the end of the year.


The American Medical Association (AMA) on Friday lashed out at Trump over the Michigan Rally's claim that doctors and hospitals were increasing the number of deaths for financial gain: "This advice ... a. It is a blasphemous, provocative and completely misleading accusation. "


Political critics have also joined in criticizing Trump's election day vaccine promise because it is a full-fledged dialogue point as another political party, like a southern border wall. "The vaccine will be delivered in just weeks," Trump told participants in a speech Friday evening in Rochester, Minnesota.


Still, "I was told by President Trump that a vaccine would be given before election day. What happened to that?" Daily Animal Editor Molly Jong-Fast asked.


"Hey @ Real Donald Trump you said the vaccine will be here before the election so should we expect Sunday or Monday?" Physician Don Winslow tweeted to the president on Saturday morning. "Where is the vaccine?"


Dr. Renuga Vivekananda, an infectious disease specialist at CHI Health and Creighton University, told KSNB-TV on Wednesday that the first rollout of any vaccine after testing causes anxiety, but the vaccine remains safe until it is made’ public. Instead, he advised those concerned to focus on what they can do before the winter, such as taking a flu shot, social distance, wearing a mask and maintaining good daily hygiene.


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