Zepp (Amazfit's new brand) launches Z series new smartwatch

 Amazfit started calling itself Zepp earlier this year and launched the Zepp line smartwatches, which come in the form of circles and squares. The company is preparing to unveil a new product line later this month.


Zepp (Amazfit's new brand) launches Z series new smartwatch

The unveiling of the Zepp Z series will take place on November 17, we just have to peek. It looks like the new smartwatch will have a classic design with a round metal body and a leather strap. You can see only three buttons on this side - which separates it from the Zepp E, which has only one low-profile button (similar to the visible Amazfit GTR2 and GTS2).


It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The program will probably be broadcast’ live on the official Zepp YouTube channel.


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