Coronavirus digest: 90 million infections worldwide


Coronavirus digest: 90 million infections worldwide


According to figures released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the global number of coronavirus infections has crossed 90 million. The news comes as health workers around the world are pushing for a new and more stinking outbreak of the disease.


Johns Hopkins figures show that the number of cases of Covid 19 has doubled in just 10 weeks.


At the end of October, the number of infections worldwide was 45 million, up from 90 million on Sunday.


The epidemic has claimed nearly 2 million lives worldwide in less than a year.



The UK is opening seven large-scale vaccination centers on Monday to step up its vaccination campaign.


The country, which aims to vaccinate all vulnerable people by mid-February is currently shooting 200,000 people a day.


The vaccination rate needs to be 2 million a week to meet the target.


Health Secretary Matt Hancock is expected’ to outline his coronavirus immunization plan later on Monday.


"The UK's vaccine delivery plan will be a key step in our recovery from the epidemic, but we all have to stay at home, follow the rules and put our hands, face, and space at the forefront of our minds." We must continue to play a role. And about that, "he said in a statement.


The immunization program will be the largest vaccination program in British history.


Meanwhile, Northern Ireland's health minister said on Sunday that Covid 19 was putting extreme pressure on the region's healthcare system.


"Our healthcare service is under pressure, like never before, please play your part, follow the instructions, you know what to do!" Robin Swann said on Twitter.


His statement came shortly after a hospital in the UK-administered region took to social media to appeal for help from all on-duty healthcare.


Northern Ireland has been battling a high Corona virus case since October, despite going in and out of lockouts at various levels.


Thousands of people gathered in the Czech capital's Old Town Square on Sunday to protest the ongoing vaccine crackdown and the government's strict anti-virus ban.


Former Prime Minister and President Vaclav Klaus was among the protesters, who said the closure of restaurants, businesses and schools were causing economic and mental distress.


About 3,000 people waved Czech flags and banners, saying, "We are not a crowd" and "not for vaccinations."


Many protesters were seen’ without masks, which raised the bar of social distance.


In Greece, people ignored a coronavirus lockdown and gathered in parks and beaches when the heatwave sent temperatures soaring on Sunday.


Police officers, who were deployed’ to avoid the crowds can be seen reminding people of the rules of social distance over loudspeakers.


Masked men were fined’ without penalty.


Greece was put’ under lockdown in early November as authorities tried to avoid a third wave after the holidays.


The sanctions, which ended on January 11, were extended’ by a week on Friday.



Africa crossed the 3 million confirmed event milestone on COVID-19 on Sunday, with more than 72,000 deaths.


Algerian President Abdel Majid T. Bourne has returned to Germany, where he spent two months in hospital for treatment after contracting the coronavirus.


Tabon is experiencing post-COVID-19 complications in his foot.


He arrived in Germany on Sunday, less than two weeks after returning to Algiers.


According to state television, the treatment was planned’ before his departure in December, but was delayed due to "urgent matters" at home.


On Sunday, Algeria also became the first African country to register for use of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine.



Scores in China's Hebei province, which has been the epicenter of the country's most serious epidemic in recent months have tested positive for the coronavirus.


Another 82 people in the region have been positively diagnosed’ and are showing symptoms, the National Health Commission said’ Monday.


Infections are expected’ to increase during the lunar holiday in February in an effort to stem the tide.


Authorities have urged residents of the province adjacent to the capital, Beijing, to refrain from traveling.


Schools have been closed’ for a week and are being scrutinized.



In Australia, a man closed his emergency department on Sunday after a man tested positive for COVID-19.


According to local media, the closure of a hospital in Sydney has diverted ambulances to other facilities.


Health officials said the unit opened on Monday and are now tracking the man's movements.


Meanwhile, Brisbane, Australia's third-largest city lifted its virus lockdown after no new cases of infection were found’ after extensive testing and tracing.


The city of more than 2 million people was put’ under a sudden lockdown on Friday when a quarantine occurred.

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