Tourism is the future of Pakistan, Prime Minister

Tourism is the future of Pakistan, Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that tourism is the future of Pakistan, and if the sector is developed, Pakistan can repay all foreign debts and earn so much from exports and remittances.

He was addressing a function in Murree to inaugurate the conversion of the vast Punjab House into Kohsar University.

He also inaugurated the upgrade of TB Sanatorium Hospital.

"We can make more money from tourism in this country than our exports and remittances, and we can pay off our debts through tourism, but our tourism used to stop in Murree," he said.

The Prime Minister said that there was such a large population but there was no hospital. There was a primary health center in Nathiagali and there was only one doctor, but there were a lot of tourists and that was not enough. He stressed that the promotion of tourism could revolutionize the national economy.

He said that 370 kanals of land in this area is unused. He congratulated everyone who has plans to build a hospital there. The Prime Minister acknowledged the fact that the greatest need of the people was for a government to take care of their health and provide education because education was the only way for human development.

Imran Khan said that Kohsar University has a future. A nation that thinks ahead becomes great and it cannot move forward without education.

"I have seen the whole of Pakistan and the world and I assure you that we are not aware of the blessings that Allah has bestowed on our country and that is why we are ungrateful, and if we realize we Time will be grateful. Allah did not feel any shortage in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister said that now Pakistan is about to change and there will be developed in all sectors of tourism as tourism is doubling every year.

He said that Kohsar University would not only provide employment to the youth but also enable them to build small guest houses for tourism.

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