A police chief has resigned amid allegations of racial bias

Upper Marlborough, a police chief in Maryland County near the nation's capital, resigned Thursday amid allegations of racial bias and discrimination against officials of color.

News outlets have reported that Prince George's County Police Chief Hank Stewinski has been leading the department since 2016. County Executive Angela Alsobrooks made the announcement and said she accepted the resignation immediately.

Stravinsky's resignation comes as the NAACP's local chapter plans to hold a no-confidence motion Thursday evening against Stawinsky's leadership.

The 94-page report filed Thursday by the U.S. Civil Liberties Union also comes after the department called for non-discriminatory conduct and retaliation.

Thirteen black and Hispanic officers from the Prince George's Police Department have asked the ACLU to file a lawsuit in 2018 on their behalf.

Officials said that whites make racist remarks or use racial slurs but are not punished, but minority officers who report incidents are punished according to the ACLU.

Alsobrooks plans to hold a news conference Friday afternoon to discuss Stasinski's resignation. Her spokeswoman declined to comment previously.

Stawinski did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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